Women's Sustainable Summer Bottoms - Our Fave Five

Women's Sustainable Summer Bottoms - Our Fave Five

It's summer madness! The faintest whiff of temperatures pushing into double digits and the UK goes crazy - it's survival of the fittest as the hoards flock to any green open space, fight over the last ice-lolly in Sainsbury's supermarket and suddenly every shelf in M&S is a decimated mess where cans of refreshingly cool cans of G&T once lived...


We can't get enough of it! (That is summer...and G&T's!)


It also means it's time to give your legs a breath of fresh air and embrace summer shorts, skirts and floaty trousers.So have a rummage for your sunnies, throw on a Goose Studios Organic Cotton Summer T-Shirt and check out this list of our fave five women's organic cotton and Tencel sustainable summer bottoms.


Your summer style = sorted.




Sam, co-founder of Goose Studios


(All images owned by the respective brands featured)






It would definitely be reasonable to say that we're in love with Back Street Rags. Their Los Angeles made, vintage inspired pieces are what dreams are made of when you lie back and imagine laid back summer California vibes...


So why not bring that vibe straight into your wardrobe!?


Seeing as for most of us, the soft rays of LA sun are somewhat a rarity, these wide leg, easy cropped trousers are an excellent compromise for sunshine and the reality of a few clouds.


Made from super soft Tencel (wood pulp fibre) twill, cut wide and loose with big pockets and comfy drawstring. Once you pull these on you will not want to be taking them off.


You have been warned.


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2. Birdsong

100% G.O.T.S Handspun Khadi Denim



Meet your new favourite A-Line skirt. Hi!

Like every new BFF, it's got a great story behind them. The Khadi fabric comes from handlooms where women spinners and weavers work at a fair wage facility in central India - then is cut and sewn in Limehouse, Tower Hamlets in London by a social enterprise that helps local women experiencing unemployment, low confidence or domestic violence.

This is genuine empowerment fashion. No slogan needed.

The organic fabric has a great natural texture and subtle contrast to it and let's not forget the two super cute pockets at the back. It's a mid-mini skirt length that sits on your natural waist.

Basically it's a bit of a winner!


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3. kings of indigo

100% organic cotton



OK, let's get the first thing out of the way. These are expensive.

For me and quite possibly you, this is a 'you can look but no touching' moment where we can blissfully dream of the style we'd have if we actually listened to our parents when they said to get better at managing money.


Instead we can sit around in pub gardens getting another round in, ironically wondering out loud where all our money goes...and dreaming of these shorts.

I mean look at them. THEY HAVE EMBROIDERED SURFERS SURFING ON GIANT FISH ON THEM. If that's not want we all want from life, then i'm lost to what the meaning of life really is all about.

For those of you who do have your life and finances in order - these shorts are high waisted with a removable belt if needed - made from 12oz organic cotton denim with frayed hems (handily stitched above the fray to the fray stays as just looking damn cool rather than slowly falling apart!) - and there's a matching jacket on Kings of Indigo too.

If you ever buy these and in a few years want to sell them to us for cheap please email us. Seriously.


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4. Monki

BCI (Better cotton Initiative) Cotton



Right, back down to earth and affordable fashion - welcome to Monki's wide leg cotton canvas trousers that are rad!

We're loving the dusty pink colour and the drawstring fastening, and as they're a bit thicker they're gunna last you for years and years.


Yep, you can be looking this frickin' cool summer after summer and amass literally hundreds of compliments along the way.

These sit on your natural waist and have pockets too! Hurrah!

Affordable, tres stylish and perfect for Spring, Summer and early Autumn. I belive in french all that translates as 'fantastique'.

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5. Monki

BCI (Better cotton Initiative) Cotton



Cord is for life, not just for Christmas.

Yes cord may spring up thoughts of winter nights and cosy knitwear...but cord wants to be seen all year round. Especially when it's in a beautiful pale blue A-Line skirt and crying out for summer sun!


Fit wise, it's a mid-ish thigh mini-skirt that sits on the top of your hips - and has belt loops too.

Made from BCI cotton (which is basically a mix of normal and organic cotton), so doing fairly well on the sustainability scale, especially for being a really rather good price.

Sometimes you do need to save a few £'s for summer fun, and we reckon this paired with a white Goose Studios workwear tee and a pair of well-loved vans is an ideal way to protect your bank balance and live your best summ-ah lyf!


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That's all we've got time for this time! Thanks so much for having a read and remember, if you need any essential laid back summer tees and sweats that are sustainable AF then check out the Goose Studios range here!

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