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Organic Cotton Hoodie - Black

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Our medium-weight black long sleeved sustainable hoodie is made from 100% ethically sourced, certified organic cotton with a fleece backed lining to stay cosy.

Featuring thick ribbed cuffs and bottom hem, we've also used metal ends for the drawstring rather than plastic to stop fraying. With a classic kangaroo pouch on the front this is comfort to the max for years to come.

The fit is much like our regular sweatshirts but a little more relaxed, so a good length in the body and arms and if you're in-between sizes then size up for men and down for women.


This organic Sweatshirt was manufactured in Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, Southern India. At the the factory owned by our supplier, Continental Clothing LTD.

Continental are leaders in wholesale and bespoke garment manufacturing and have a 'Leader' rating with the Fair Wear Foundation. This includes recognition of a living wage project being implemented.


Regular Fit- Why change what works? Classic sweatshirt fit with a super ribbed cuffs, sits at a decent length on your waist, won't ride up and has a sleeve length that will actually reach your wrists.

Compared to our t-shirts this is a slimmer fit and comes up true to size. Go off the size chart, and if you're in-between sizes we recommend taking the size up for a relaxed vibe.



34" - 36" Chest


36" - 38" Chest


38" - 40" Chest


40" - 42" Chest


42" - 44" Chest


  1. Only wash if it needs it - Cheeky sniff test all the way!

  2. Wash inside out on a 30'c wash to keep our planet cool.

  3. Where possible, air dry - if you do have to tumble dry DW all our organic cotton is preshrunk so it'll come out as good as new.

  4. Do the flatten out and a little re-shape deal after each wash, just like your Mum would.

  5. Wear it lots and lots.

  6. Love it and it will love you.

1. Organic Cotton uses farming practices that conserve soil, diversify crops and avoid all synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. This increases bio-diversity and creates self regulating eco-systems.

It's basically the bomb-diggity for the natural world.

2. Our Organic Cotton is 80% rain-fed. This means Blue water irrigation (the most harmful type irrigation) is reduced by 91% compared to normal cotton.

For every Sweatshirt - this saves the equivalent of over 2 years worth of drinking water for one person.

3. Organic Cotton’s non-renewable energy consumption is reduced by 62% compared to normal cotton, with a whopping 46% reduction in Green House Gas emissions too.

These savings come from removing the need for inefficient fuel powered machinery used to spread toxic fertilisers and Blue water irrigation.

4. Our ethical suppliers used in the garment’s manufacture are Fair Wear Foundation members with a rating of 'Leader'.

This ensures the development of garment worker rights and conditions alongside regular third party auditing (to check they're not up to any funny business...)

5. Our styles are PETA-approved Vegan, ensuring no animals were tested on for ingredients, formulations, or the finished product - it’s also made from 100% vegan materials.

1. Non-renewable energy powered transportation is used to transport the t-shirt from Asia to Europe, to Cornwall UK, to finally wherever you have it delivered. We're working on this...any advice on how to reduce our impact from transport would be amazing! Email us at

2. The washing instructions label is currently recycled polyester. Which is better than normal polyester. But still polyester. Classic good cop/bad cop scenario. Only there's another organic cotton cop in the mix being like, 'you should just use organic cotton'. That cop has a point.

3. The factories making this t-shirt cover minimum wages and offer considerable employee benefits - but don't yet all pay the living wage. The Fair Wear Foundation are working with our suppliers to constantly improve this situation.


Discover organic cotton hoodies that are designed to last. We're not messing about when it comes to comfort, durability, sustainable credentials and ethical sourcing!

Our Hoodies are constructed using our soft and durable 100% organic cotton, mid-weight fabric, with heavyweight ribbed cuffs and bottom hem, twill organic cotton hood drawstring and metal eyelets.

Sewn in Fair Wear certified factories by our long standing suppliers for ethical peace of mind.

Find an organic cotton hoodie to last you years and years of adventure...even if that's just lazing on the sofa!