You are the Superhero that can save the planet



What if we told you to buy less?

To think twice before buying.

To buy better.


Heya, we're Sam and Rich, the founders of Goose Studios.

We're making fashion that doesn't cost the earth. We want to make fashion affordable for you and the planet.

Back in 2016 we'd both read a book called 'Let My People Go Surfing' by Patagonia's founder and it opened our eyes do a different way of doing business. One which realised that whenever we create or buy a product there is always an impact on the earth.

As conscious consumers we understood that it is our job to make our impact as small as possible when using, enjoying and disposing of any product.

The problem was the fashion industry we knew, one of high-street affordable fast fashion, is labelled as the second most polluting industry in the world - after oil.





When we looked around at sustainable fashion we were either faced with hemp ponchos, clothing ready for a day-off at Everest base-camp, or premium brands justifying crazy price tags by claiming sustainable credentials.

Lets just say it wasn't filling up our Instagram feeds any time soon.

So we learnt what a sustainable, ethical fashion industry would look like, and how we could become part of it. All while making affordable styles we can all love to wear.

We founded Goose Studios on a simple mantra: "Good Times, Organically Sourced"

Wear great fashion, have some fun and help save the world. Simple.





We put sustainability and ethics first.

100% organic cotton fabrics, plastic free packaging and we've made sure the majority of our suppliers are going the extra mile by being members of the Fairwear foundation - to ensure the development of worker rights.

We also realised that in reality, sustainablility starts with a question for you too...




Do I really need to buy this?


The impact from fashion on the world comes from when each one us buys something new.

So when you buy from Goose Studios make sure it's because you need a new t-shirt or sweat.

If that old one you really loved is beyond repair, then we'd love you to buy one of our organic cotton styles and know you'll love wearing it for years to come.

When you shop keep one phrase in mind. "Buy less, buy better."

4 words. A little revolution with every purchase you make.

Together we can change an industry. Maybe even help save the world.


Sam & Rich x