The Top 60 Sustainable Fashion Brands - 2019

The Top 60 Sustainable Fashion Brands - 2019

The Goose Studios annual list of the 60 most exciting sustainable fashion brands!

  • Discover the brands you need to know for a wardrobe that keeps you and the planet looking great

  • Our list covers womenswear, menswear + unisex clothing

  • We've made sure to comprehensively cover affordable, mid range + designer brands for every budget

  • Brands you'll actually want to wear, with everything from on-trend fashion brands all the way through to outdoors lifestyle brands

  • Extensive research into sustainability credentials by the Goose Studios team

What brands can I expect to find in my guide?

  • Finisterre

  • Reformation

  • Armedangels

  • Know The Origin

  • Thinking Mu

  • Patagonia

  • Veja

  • Kings of Indigo

... + 52 others!

Woman wearing organic cotton navy blue sweatshirt with Goose Studios text logo on left chest and man wearing burgundy organic cotton long sleeve t-shirt with Goose Studios logo, both from sustainable fashion brand Goose Studios

Who even are Goose Studios?

Good question! Back in 2016, we were founded by Sam and Rich on a simple mantra - "Good Times, Organically Sourced".


We make organic cotton clothing in laid back, easy going styles that you'll love for years. It's our antidote to the unsustainable fast fashion high-street.


Over the last 3 years the world has woken up to the reality of fast fashion. Their dirty secret is out. Only the Oil & Gas industry is more polluting.


As conscious consumers we need to buy better, buy less and take responsibility for the future of our planet.


Our mission is to make fashion that doesn't cost the earth. To make it easy and affordable for you to help save the world. 


Together, we can!

What else will I receive?




PLUS you'll receive the Goose Studios 'Good Times' newsletter, covering:


1) Top notch music for getting your boogie on to 


2) Moderately interesting stuff that you can tell your mates about and they'll think you're well cool &/or can use to fill awk-silences with work colleagues as you wait for the microwave to finish in the work kitchen


3) Sustainable lifestyle tips so we can sort out the right disaster of a mess our parents generation have left our planet in


4) Tasty sustainable fashion

We send it out every couple of weeks and you can unsubscribe really easily at any time. 


If you want a sneak peak of what the email is like, click here.




  • Sel Seb

    Thank you, this is a brilliant guide.
    I could not agree more with Karen, I’m all for ethical but when it comes to clothing the prices are so expensive and with a young family and constantly budgeting every month, we end up having to buy clothes from the mainstream high street retailers or most of the time supermarkets. Thanks again for this exhaustive list.

  • Karen Steedman

    Thank you so much for this! Over the last couple of years my family and I have been doing what we can, but it’s not been easy on a budget and it’s been a slow process. Clothing is one of my last conversions but was always disheartened by the price. It seems as soon as you put an ethical or organic label on it, it quadruples in price! So happy to have come across this, thanks guys!

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