Sustainable & Ethical Women's Clothing - Our Fave Five Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

Sustainable & Ethical Women's Clothing - Our Fave Five Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

Spring has sprung, there's a warmth in the air - but a chill waiting for you as soon as the sun goes down. But the good news is you can definitely start to leave the winter coat at home and grab a sweatshirt instead!


As an ode to this happy transition to summer fun on the horizon, we've put together a list of our favourite women's organic cotton sweatshirts.


Organic cotton really is a rather special fabric - especially when compared to its old school 'conventional cotton' sister. Organic cotton does without the need for toxic chemical pesticides and insecticides, protecting biodiversity and farmers health - as well as protecting water-ways from chemical pollution.


Add on top of that, it's mainly rain fed and generates 46% less Green House Gas and you've got yourself a fabric that keeps you and the planet looking mighty fine.


We'd say both you and the planet deserve it. Big love all round here.


Right, time for the list - Our Fave Five wish-list of women's organic cotton sweatshirts...


Cosy up, and enjoy!


1. Birdsong - £82 (

Birdsong make beautifully embroidered womenswear that's super high quality and so easy to wear. This dusty pink sweatshirt is no exception! Yay!


The cut is a little boxy and a little cropped, so will look great with mid-rise waist and high-rise trousers. It also has a couple of concealed pockets, which is such a nice addition for proper cosying up in. You'll be like a teapot under ya Nan's knitting in this one.


The embroidered design is by friend of the brand artist, Amy Isles Freeman - who's work explores female sexuality, freedom and joy - the name of this exclusive design has the wonderful name of 'lady love'. Bloomin' lovely.


Add onto this that the embroidery is done by a community sewing school in Tower Hamlets in London that supports sewing lessons for women on low incomes and people with disabilities, and you've got yourself a fab organic cotton sweatshirt.


Buy Now - £82


2. Goose Studios - £34.99 (

Goose Studios only make sweatshirts that are the cosiest things ever - somehow, and even we don't know how, these stay soft and cosy wear after wear, wash after wash.


It's like a really long hug that doesn't ever have the awkward 'this hug has been going on too long' moment.

This Navy number is the classic sweatshirt - it's the unisex all-rounder that just wants to be worn oversized with a pair of jeans in any colour. It's not that fussy, it just wants to keep you warm and snuggly.

Bonus points come from this 100% organic cotton sweatshirt being made with a Fair Wear Foundation Member supplier ensuring the development of garment worker rights, and was made using solely wind and solar power. Did we mention it's also carbon neutral?


Well we have now.

Great quality, great price.

Buy Now - £34.99


3. Thinking Mu - €69.90 (

Bien Venidos! Welcome to the wonderful land of Thinking Mu.

Are you looking for a sweatshirt that's fairly made, from organic cotton, has a laid back fit, wears in beautifully and has just a touch of fun about it.

Well, oh hello!

Thinking Mu do fabric colours really well, this navy blue isn't any normal navy blue. It's got a really subtle marl to it that gives it such an ace slightly washed out beach vibe.

The design's fun too right!? And foreign languages always make you look super chic.

Buy Now - €69.90


4. Reformation - $58 (

You can count on Reformation to always provide sustainable clothing that is bang on trend. The best part is this sweatshirt will definitely be staying in trend year after year too.

With the perfect level of crop for summertime styles, this is going to be your best friend as the sun goes down every March - September.

Relaxed off the shoulders style, organic cotton and we really love this green! A colour that's definitely working up the trending list and one your friends won't have caught onto just yet.

Buy Now - $58


5. Kings of Indigo - £85 (

Kings of Indigo only really do super cool stuff. At Goose Studios we often run by the rule that if the boutique 'Our Daily Edit' in Brighton stocks a brand, then it's definitely on the cool list. And yes, they've just started stocking Kings Of Indigo.

This popping blue sweatshirt is seriously well made, with long ribbed cuffs and bottom hem and we always love the little triangle ribbing below the collar. Gives it that classic sweatshirt look.


It's a vintage Kings Of Indigo print too where the red on the blue gives some eye catching contrast.

Organic cotton, cosy as hell in a unisex fit. Great job Kings Of Indigo.

Buy Now - £85


That's all folks! Our Fave Five wish-list for women's sustainable sweatshirts is over and out!

Interested in affordable UNISEX sustainable fashion?

Then Check out our Goose Studios range!

fashion that doesn't cost the earth...

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