Sustainable + Ethical Mens Clothing - Our Fave Five Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

Sustainable + Ethical Mens Clothing - Our Fave Five Organic Cotton Sweatshirts

Spring has sprung, there's a warmth in the air - but a chill waiting for you as soon as the sun goes down. But the good news is you can definitely start to ditch the winter coat and grab a sweatshirt instead!


As an ode to this happy transition to summer fun on the horizon, we've put together a list of our favourite mens organic cotton sweatshirts.


Organic cotton really is a rather special fabric - especially when compared to its old man 'conventional cotton'. Organic cotton does without the need for toxic chemical pesticides and insecticides, protecting biodiversity and farmers health - as well as protecting water-ways from chemical pollution.


Add on top of that, it's mainly rain fed and generates 46% less Green House Gas and you've got yourself a fabric that keeps you and the planet looking mighty fine.

We'd say both you and the planet deserve it. Good job guys.

Right, time for the list - Our Fave Five wishlist of mens organic cotton sweatshirts...


1. Nudie Jeans - £85 (

Nudie Jeans really don't mess around with their menswear. They only do the good stuff. Yes, it's got a price tag that means we can only lust over this and hope and pray they keep this as a classic style so one day we can afford it - but, I mean look at it.


It's a great shade of grey, just dark enough to hide any awkward sweat patches that come from journeying on your favourite cramped public transport. A nice raglan sleeve means it's going to stay super comfy for ages, even when you're wearing rucksacks (no seams to dig in). While the subtle Nudie Branding keeps a clean aesthetic whilst still allowing fashion aficionados to give you the nod of approval.

This will be in your wardrobe for years and years and years, getting worn every spring and autumn. It's the kind of organic cotton sweatshirt that some partner down the line will tell you has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese and you should get a new one. And you'll feel distinctly miffed and a little grumpy about the thought of having to do so.

Buy Now - £85


2. Goose Studios - £34.99 (

Goose Studios only really do one level of quality - and that's seriously high quality - especially with sweatshirts - especially at that price. You could wear this every day, have a small tug of war with it every week and forget to wash it for several months - and it'll still look just as it did and be as soft as ever.

Even we're pretty unsure quite why it turned out so good. It just sort of did.

This Navy number is a mens classic - the navy sweatshirt is like your mate that you can guarantee to show up to any event. He gets on with everyone, buys the first round and is generally an all round good guy. This sweatshirt will go with everything in your wardrobe and is a nicely relaxed fit to still feel cosy.

Bonus points come from this 100% organic cotton sweatshirt being made with a Fair Wear Foundation Member supplier ensuring the development of garment worker rights, and was made using solely wind and solar power. Did we mention it's also carbon neutral? Well we have now.

Great quality, great price.

Buy Now - £34.99


3. Thinking Mu - €59.90 (

There's something about this burgundy red. Thinking Mu have found an organic cotton fabric that has a hint of dark burgundy running through a softer lighter burgundy an we think it looks ace!


It's always nice with a plain sweatshirt to have a bit of interest to it and this sweat does the trick perfectly. We're thinking team this with some worn-in Carhartt chinos and a pair of well-loved vans and you'll have that laid back surfer/skate look absolutely nailed.

It's also got that slightly washed out colour to it that means even as it wears over the years it will still maintain the same vibe.


Like the Nudie Jeans sweat, this organic cotton sweatshirt has a raglan sleeve for big comfort and a slightly closer fit.

Big bonus points go to Thinking Mu for making this fairtrade number too. Lovely stuff.

Buy Now - €59.90


4. Bask In The Sun - £74 (

Shall we all just take a moment to appreciate the colour of this yellow.


Ahh, summer sun. Ahh, holidays. Ahh basking in the sun.

Talking of, Bask In The Sun have made an absolute cracker of an organic cotton sweatshirt here. Yes, yellow is a bold call - but it's 2019! Go wild! And how damn great is the laid back illustration?! So simple, so you!

Bask In The Sun make really high quality garments all made in Portugal, which is pretty much the world leading region for cotton jersey manufacture. And boy does it show.


Impeccable finishing on this sweatshirt alongside a fit that you can either wear smarter or laid back. It's a little bit more grown up than those Stussy sweatshirts you've got.

This sweatshirt isn't too weighty either, meaning it'll be great for trips abroad somewhere nice during summer too. I mean this on a Croatian beach as the sun goes down is gunna be a seriously well liked instagram post.

Buy Now - £74


5. Lyme Terrace - £85 (

Lyme Terrace are the good guys. Making high quality organic cotton menswear right here in the UK. Having personal relationships with their makers and holding their own in the premium menswear landscape with a really interesting collection of core menswear styles.


This sweatshirt is no exception - it's an almost piqued organic cotton fabric that gets added touches of toughness thanks to ribbed side panels - alongside double stitching at stress points.

The guys over at Lyme Terrace have also added a couple of concealed side pockets on this sweatshirt too. Perfect for those chilly nights where you're stood outside the pub with that one mate who always needs company in the smoking area.

If local production and something a little bit different is your cup of tea - this sustainable sweatshirt will be the perfect fit.

Buy Now - £85


That's all folks! Our Fave Five wish-list for mens sustainable sweatshirts is over and out!

Interested in affordable MEN'S sustainable fashion?

Then Check out our Goose Studios range!

Mens fashion that doesn't cost the earth...

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