Summer House Music - 10 of The Best!

Summer House Music - 10 of The Best!


I (me, Rich) have been woefully poor again in keeping this old blog thing ticking along (this very blog where we are supposed to gift you 10 tracks each month like the unwanted pair of socks you get from your Aunt at Christmas).


Yet, if I am honest, formulating any playlist of fun loving music has been way off my radar for the last month or so because of those horrid things called exams.


Luckily, for they aren’t my own personal exams, I’ve managed to leave those days way behind me. However, as I work in a 6th Form College it’s been my job to be a part of a horrid time of the year where colleges, schools and universities become some anxiety riddled hell hole of stress and ‘future defining’ moments in your life.


So, firstly a congratulations to all of you who may have just had to endure a month of utter wank, you’ve made it through, nothing determines your future other than you wonderful folk, and now we can really start kicking off with what we’ve been waiting for since about October last year – a frolicking good summer!


The sun is finally out. I’ve done what all good British holiday makers have done and totally played down the strength sun and have consequently got weird pink bits on my back (always practise safe sunning gang) and everything is a little bit more fun all of a sudden!


I’ve tried (and partly succeeded) to avoid Love Island and am writing this whilst watching Glastonbury on the televisual box once again because I missed out on tickets. Again. Whilst me and Sammy T (the full Goose Studios team!) are off to Truck Festival in just under a month because nothing is quite as good as getting pissed on luke warm cider in a field with pals and good music in the summer time. 


It’s a time to hang out with family, friends, on the beach, in the park, in a pub garden, go swimming in a river, play rounders, watch a film on a ‘big screen’, do silly things with your friends and just have a damn good time, doing things you love.


All in all, the summer is bloody fantastic and we should all go and have a whale of a time.


Back to the matter in hand and all things toe-tappy music fun as I am rambling like Boris Johnson answering a simple question like ‘How old are you?’ or ‘Are you really capable of not being a complete and utter mong you anus?’.


I can take zero credit for the playlist this month; none of this is my doing. As you’ve seen on insta or our FB page, we teamed up recently with the wonderful David & Hayley over at Brighton Food Diary. They’ve hopped on board to do a little bit of writing for us and we’ve even worked on a tee together (which you can still get on our website) raising a little bit of $$$ for the beach cleaning charity Pier 2 Pier based down here in BTown itself.


It’s all quite exciting especially as David and Hayley are lovely people who just want to do lovely things and give something back.


In short, it’s been a pleasure. So this month I gave those guys the loose brief of ‘something that leads on from disco and people can dance to’, a fantastically broad remit but I think they’ve delivered bang on the money whilst imparting a little bit of what makes them tick!


So enjoy, indulge and dance this month whilst I sit here in my lounge watching Glastonbury wishing once again that I was on Worthy Farm, go and have a bloody good summer…


Until next time,


Rich x

1. Inspector Norse, Todd Terje

2. Need You, Flight Facilities / NÏKA 

3. Sambal, Aeroplane / Purple Disco Machine 

4. I Feel Space, Lindstrom

5. Last Forever, Oliver / Sam Sparro

6. It's Summertime, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Radio Edit

7. Good Times (Late Nite Tuff Guy Remix), Ferry Ultra feat. Boris G. Jennings

8. Oby Onyioha, Enjoy Your Life (Rayko Edit)

9. Moving Cities, Faze Action

10. Count to Five (Tensnake Remix), Rhye

Bonus Track 1.
Ginger & Fred, Tiger & Woods

Bonus Track 2.
Hello, Axel & Boman

Bonus Track 3.
Delorean Dynamite, Todd Terje

That's all folks!

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