Men's Organic Cotton & Sustainable Shorts - Our Fave Five!

Men's Organic Cotton & Sustainable Shorts - Our Fave Five!

It's summer madness! The faintest whiff of temperatures pushing into double digits and the UK goes crazy - it's survival of the fittest as the hoards flock to any green open space, fight over the last ice-lolly in Sainsbury's supermarket and suddenly acquire a bizarre desperation for a lukewarm Corona...

We absolutely love it!

It also means it's time to give your legs a healthy dose of Vitamin D and a bit of a tan. That's right, it's short weather.


Grab your sunnies, throw on a Goose Studios Organic Cotton Summer T-Shirt and check out this list of our fave five organic cotton and sustainable summer shorts for guys.


Your summer style = sorted.


Sam, co-founder of Goose Studios

(All images owned by the respective brands featured)


1. Finisterre

100% Organic Cotton



Ok disclaimer here - i've actually just got a part time job with Finisterre - BUT for good reason - these guys are the bees knees when it comes to sustainable, hardwearing gear that's as ready for your next adventure as much as it is for the pub garden.


These men's shorts are nicely longish with a decent width to them, so if you've got a decent pair of pins you'll be well looked after and blood circulation won't be cut off! For guys with a slimmer pair of legs (myself included) these will feel nicely relaxed and give a good workwear-vibe (there are also belt loops if you find you move about sizes a bit).

Made from heavyweight organic cotton duck canvas fabric and reinforced throughout (there's even a double layer of fabric for your bum), this is a pair of shorts that you'll be able to rely on year after year.


Bonus sustainability points comes from corozo nut buttons to replace plastic alternatives.

Cracking colour too. Also comes in bright orange...which is perhaps a little brave...but if you can rock it...then ROCK ON!


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100% Organic Cotton



Drawstring shorts. I know what you're thinking...aren't they strictly OAP M&S summer sale or gym-lads fashion faux-pas? But trust me here - drawstring summer shorts that aren't swim shorts or cut-off joggers, will change your life.


Not change your life in a huge way. You don't suddenly manage to end world poverty, tell your boss what you actually think of them, or finally start leading your fantasy football league...more life just gets way comfier.

You pull them on and you just feel like summer. Life isn't so damn annoying anymore. You find yourself respecting the slow walkers on the pavement, you start ignoring emails after 6pm, you start ordering cocktails at after-work drinks.

All because you're basically wearing glorified socially-acceptable pyjamas.

This pair from Weekday are a solid price, made from 100% organic cotton and in a classic chino short fabric and colour.


Think of this as level 1 'change your life shorts'.


This is a choice you will not regret.


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3. Thinking mu

100% Organic Cotton



OK, so hopefully we've now brought you into the world of drawstring shorts. It feels good right?! So wrong it's right.

This pair of shorts from Thinking Mu has a bit more a quality edge than the Weekday shorts, with a handmade two-tone drawstring cord and made from 100% organic cotton sac fabric.


It's a soft, loose fabric that will feel lightweight even if global warming starts to feel really damn warm.

Thinking Mu also subscribe to fairtrade manufacturing practices too, so you're covered for sustainability and ethical creds!

Cracking pair of shorts these.


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4. armedangels

100% Organic Cotton



Looking for a straight up and down bangin' pair of summer shorts that can cover you at work, pub gardens and anything in-between?

Well hello.

This pair of olive Armedangels shorts do everything you really need. Long enough in the leg to feel like you're not raising too many eyebrows on the tube to work, but loose enough to still be catching a cheeky summer breeze to the gentleman's area on hot days.

Made from 100% organic cotton ripstop fabric, metal zipper and tagua nut buttons. Belt loops and internal drawstring keep everything where it should be no matter how far you have to flex to catch a frisbee without spilling your beer.


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5. Patagonia

100% Recycled polyester



I've owned these shorts for nearly three years now - and only last night discovered that they pack down into a small bag (very) discreetly hidden in one of the legs!

Turns out their name 'baggies' is one hell of a clue.

Made from 100% recycled polyester ripstop fabric these are go anywhere do anything sustainable shorts for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Last week mine were worn dashing into the freezing sea on Cornwall's coastline, walking along coastal paths and having a spot of lunch in a very friendly cafe.

Super quick drying, lightweight, wind and shower proof. And as they're Patagonia you know the durability is going to be top-notch.

They do have one of those mildly annoying mesh pant things inside like swim shorts, but i've still found them damn comfy for all-day wear.


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That's all folks! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this short guide on shorts.

Remember to keep the good times, organically sourced - and check out the Goose Studios range of sustainable summer styles - thanks!

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