Eco Friendly Swimsuits - Our Fave Five Sustainable Swimwear Brands!

Eco Friendly Swimsuits - Our Fave Five Sustainable Swimwear Brands!

As i'm typing this, it's June. The sun is not shining. The rain is very much pouring and there's a faint whiff of "is this really it for summer" in the air.

However it is still June. So it would almost feel rude to not write a blog on something vaguely summery. So here we go...sustainable summer swimwear brands it is.

Fingers crossed you have a holiday booked for somewhere delightfully sunny and not remotely British...

Sustainability and swimsuits don't exactly go hand in hand, with the slight issue of being made from some form of polyamide/polyester/nylon - aka plastic.


However the clever science boffins have done a good job of working out how to take one material, 'nylon-6' (so nerdy it has a number after it), and transform it back into...nylon-6...and spin it into a fibre that happens to be tip-top for your new favourite swimsuits.

Admittedly this doesn't sound like a particularly clever party trick - "and for my next trick i'm turning something into...exactly the same thing! *cue applause* " - but being able to take a material and recycle it back into exactly the same material without losing any quality is GCSE A* stuff.


Thankfully too the science boffins got together with some marketing peeps and renamed their recycled 'nylon-6' to 'Econyl'. Phwoar, 'Econyl'. Doesn't it sound techy, kinda green and fabricy? They're a clever bunch those marketing gurus.

Happier still for swimwear marketing peeps, it turns out Econyl is partly made from recycling old fishing nets.

So voila. Old discarded fishing nets turned into your swimwear.


Plastic that is taken out of the sea ready to go back into the sea as you doggy paddle out in your sustainable swimsuit.

All rather clever really.

Sam - Co-founder of Goose Studios


All images owned by the named brands themselves. For any image enquiries please email


1. Arket - $/$$


Ok, first off lets recognise the elephant in the room when it comes to Arket.


They, alongside the likes of Monki and Weekday, are part of H&M group...who for some bizarre reason lead the field in sustainability when it comes to some of their brands...yet would still make a new polyester swimsuit for £5 under their H&M name.


However, the good news is it means Arket is super-duper sustainable and very reasonably priced.

If you're looking for decent quality swimwear, in simple stylish styles, that'll be pretty durable - and use Econyl - AND won't break the bank, then Arket is a no brainer.

They've even grouped together all their Econyl styles into one collection that you can find here...

2. Finisterre - $$


Full disclosure, I actually work for Finisterre in their pop-up store in Bath - but am not being paid to write this review! (I am paid to fold their very soft organic cotton t-shirts very well...)

It does mean I do know a good bit about Finisterre swimwear...and if your idea of the perfect holiday is doing stuff in and around the ocean, rather than sitting on the sun lounger...then this is the swimwear for you.

With a range of mix and match styles ranging from bikini tops and bottoms, to swim leggings and long sleeves, there's something that'll be perfect for your next ocean adventure.

For those looking for a little more support check our the 'Vivet' range, and their more surf specific 'Zizania' range.


If you buy in-store there's a 10% Student/NHS/army/Emergency Services discount too! (come see me at the Bath store!)

Check out the Finisterre swimwear range here...

3. Deakin & Blue - $$/$$$


It's time to start a new Monzo saving pot called 'Deakin & Blue Yassss'. As this 'aint cheap. But it's definitely worth it.


Deakin & Blue happily realise that no two sizes are the same...and when it comes to swimwear '10,12,14' are perhaps the most irrelevant numbers out there.

Instead they opt for a super luxurious Econyl fabric that's sculpted into 3 fits that follow the curves of 3 body shapes - which are then independently sized on cup and band size, with cup sizes ranging from AA - HH and band sizes from 26 - 44".

Nothing too crazy going on with the design, instead opting for a mix of strong and subdued block colours in classic designs with structured seams to give refined swimwear look.

Did we mention it's made in London too?


Shop Deakin & Blue here...

4. Adidas - $


We get it. Sometimes you just want to go swimming. This isn't about some snazzy holiday to the south of France. This is about beating your morning alarm clock, dragging yourself along to your local indoor pool (often slightly in need of refurbishment) and getting some lengths in.


If this is you. Big respect. Whilst you're whizzing up and down the fast lane I am hidden under my duvet weighing up the cost/benefit ratio of getting out from under the duvet to make a cup of tea.

I digress. Anyway...since Adidas have started teaming up with ocean plastic clean up design firm 'Parley', they've started to introduce Econyl into quite a few of their products. With swimwear taking centre stage.

We recommend typing in 'Econyl' into the search bar on Adidas's online shop and having a scroll.

These are classic swimsuits in simple, in-offensive patterns and colours, with straps that will keep everything in place and are geared for decent amateur swimmers making the most of their local pool - oh, and they're all very reasonably priced too.

Shop Adidas here...

5. Reformation - $$/$$$


Ahh Reformation. Just so damn chic.

Premium materials (oh hey Econyl), on trend design and made in the USA.

California Dreamin'.

I'm not even sure there's much more to say. Kinda pricey though. Nice though.

So chic.


Shop Reformation here...



That is all for this instalment of sustainable styles this time around! Hopefully you'll be swimming out somewhere beautiful in Econyl swimwear very soon.

If you're interested in affordable, stylish, super soft sustainable wardrobe essentials then check out our range of tees and sweatshirts here at - you'll love 'em we promise.


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