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Hello people lovely who like music!


We start with an apology. We have failed. 4 months in to the Goose Studios ‘Ten of the Best’ monthly music blog and we have managed to screw up the frankly easy task of scrapping 10 tracks together for your own auditory delight on a monthly basis. However, like all good Easter stories of resurrection, we are back – more organised than before and this month we come bearing gifts with our new Spring/Summer collection!


It’s been a busy month at Goose HQ with the new collection launching on our site, a shout out in both the digital and print editions of Stylist and having ASOS Marketplace down to the seaside for little chat.


You might be reading this thinking that this all screams of gloriously wonderful self-indulgent wankery (I mean it completely does) but with summer on the horizon, a feeling that things are on the up and a collection built around our long held belief of ‘Good Times’, this playlist is an expression of what we wanted Goose Studios to always be about – the ‘Good Times’.


The world is springing into a delightful shade of green once more, evenings are getting longer, festival season is almost upon us and luke warm tinnies are back on the menu – it can then be time for only one thing…..D-I-S-C-O.


Disco is fab. Disco is brilliant. People who don’t like disco are strange, strange beings. Or they can’t dance. Either, or, keep these people at arm’s length because disco is something so universally wonderful and carefree that they shouldn’t be trusted. Disco is the music where you forget that you can’t dance as you accidently start to slink over to the dancefloor with a slightly flat pint in hand or a slightly too limey G+T. Nothing is perfect and no one is perfect but disco makes that alright because all that matters is that you are having fun…


This might all scream cliché but Sam and I can’t dance. Not one bit. BUT MY GOD WE TRY because that’s what happens when you hear THAT Chic bassline or THAT Sister Sledge track – things happen deep inside of you that make no sense. And it is this what we call ‘Good Times’, that feeling on a warm summer’s evening where you are a bit pissed in the backroom of a pub and your track comes on and my god it is a beautiful thing.


So here we go. 10 tracks of pure unadulterated disco. It is the playlist for anything this month. Road trips, beach trips, supermarket trips, sun is out and beer in hand, staying in with a takeaway on the way - disco is where we go. This is the soundtrack to our new collection, your summer vibes and the total and honest relief winter is but a distant memory.


So sit back, dream of a mojito and enjoy some sunshine because you deserve it.


Until next month…


Rich x - Co-founder of Goose Studios

1. Love Train - The O'Jays


2. Love Come Down - Evelyn "Champagne" King


3. Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn


4. Haven't You Heard - Patrice Rushen


5. Bourgie', Bourgie' - Gladys Knight and The Pips


6. Relight My Fire - 12" Disco Remix - Dan Hartman


7. Le Freak - Dimitri From Paris Remix - CHIC


8. Lost In Music - Dimitri From Paris Remix - Sister Sledge


9. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) - Sylvester


10. Last Dance - 12" Version - Donna Summer


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