Best Vegan Restaurants Brighton

Best Vegan Restaurants Brighton

...that Vegans, Flexitarians and truly everyone can enjoy in B-town!



Sooo, the tricky first album... no that's not right is it? Hold on...


Anyway, I'm David, of Hayley and David/Brighton Food Diary (sort of) fame. Sam and Rich have asked me to write some bits and pieces for them around the food we eat, where we eat it, and how we aren't the size of houses (I made that last bit up) - and being the top dudes that they are, there is no way I could turn them down.


First thing to say is that we eat the plants, and have done for the last 18 months - there's a decent story behind this but I'll save that for another day. Are we full on vegans? probably not, we have legacy leather products hanging around the house and don't get involved in activism etc., but we eat a completely plant-based diet, don't have cars anymore, try to shop sustainably and genuinely love all of it - love it for our health, love it for the animals and love it for the planet - right on man!


We started our Instagram (@brighton_food_dairy) about 2 years ago, mainly because we were eating and snapping SO much food that our family and friends started to get sick of it on our personal pages, nothing more than that really. We didn't want it to be a 'food blog' as we're wildly under qualified to talk about 'balance of flavours' and 'presentation' (+ we don't have one of them fancy cameras), there are enough people doing that around here. It's a ‘positive vibes only food diary’, aimed at showing people how much bangin' plant-based food there is out there, and how it's getting easier by the day for people to make more sustainable choices.


What we are super-passionate about is inclusivity. It's become quite a popular phrase these days, and rightly so, we've always believed that the real change is going to come when millions of people start being 10% better, not when a couple of 100 get it 100% perfect. In Brighton we are lucky enough to have some sensational eateries putting as much effort into their plants as their meat, and making easier than ever for omni folk to add a side of cauliflower wings to their usual favourites.


So I figured a good way to get this thing moving would be to show you our favourite Brighton inclusive-eateries...


1) Humble Plates

(Bison Beer, Brighton/The Joker, Croydon) 


Humble Plates Restaurant Vegan Burger Brighton


We love what these guys are about. Some of the best food you can get in Brighton and half of it just casually happens to be made entirely from plants, what a vibe! Small plates, sloppy burgers and roasts are all on the menu and I, for one, have ordered all three in a single sitting - whatyagunnadooo?

Check it out here.


2) The Bok Shop

(East Street, Brighton) 


Variety of Vegan food from Bok Shop Restaurant in Brighton


This is a chicken shop with a difference. Every burger on the menu can be veganised! It’s the absolute dream ticket for mixed groups wanting some classic fried chicken action, without having to compromise! Let's be honest here, fried chicken is good innit? And if someone is giving me an absolutely delicious plant-based version... I'm ALL over it. 

Check them out here.


3) Social Board

(St James St, Brighton) 


Plate from Vegan Restaurant Social Good In Brighton


What do you get when the head chef at one of Brighton’s longest running institutions of vegan-eating (Food 4 Friends) leaves to pursue his own passion of serving high-end sarnies and burgers to the people of Kemptown? Answer: Some of the most mind blowing creations between 2 pieces of bread you're ever likely to taste!

Check it out here.



That's all for this time folks - big thanks to David from Brighton Food Diary for these tasty nuggets of vegan joy - we're chuffed to say you'll be hearing more from David over the next few weeks...with a very special collaboration on the horizon to get excited too.

All we can say is to remember that Goose Studios clothing is PETA-approved Vegan...

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