10 of The Best - Chelsea Covington

10 of The Best - Chelsea Covington

Next up in our ’10 of the Best’ collaboration series is the wonderful Chelsea!

Chelsea reached out to us back in 2019 when we put out a call for models for an upcoming shoot for some new designs and since then we haven’t looked back.

Chelsea rocking out with a couple of her faves.

Currently working with You Swim, a fantastic company making body positive swim suits here in the UK, Chelsea is basically a bloody gem and we are dead chuffed that she was cool enough to write some words down to deliver the second instalment of our new ’10 of the Best’ series…

So here we go, strap yourselves in, this is the music makes Chelsea tick!

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Wow, what an honour it is to be taking part in Goose Studios '10 Of The Best' series!

I followed Rich's Dance-olation every day for 75 days on Instagram and was ecstatic when he asked me if I wanted to contribute to this series of blog posts.

My name's Chelsea and I came across Goose Studios a couple of years ago when my friend so kindly tagged me in one of their posts looking for a model in an upcoming shoot for their super soft AND sustainable clothes.

Rich got in contact with me, saying he'd seen my photo of me in-front of Khurangbin's set at All Points East earlier that year and wanted me on board! (Thanks, Khurangbin!)

I was keen to get involved because as someone who is trying to make more eco-friendly choices, their brand and ethos is something I'm wholly onboard with.

It also helps that their t-shirts are softer than anything I've ever owned (including my mum's pets) and that there are two of the sweetest souls behind such a brilliant brand - I feel lucky enough to call them my pals now!

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Throughout this crazy pandemic time, I've found music to be a pillar of support for my state of mind.

When I've been scared, I've found safety in some songs I have listened to since forever, and during moments (or should I say months) of boredom, I have found joy in searching for bands unknown to me before.

This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions, where music has been a constant, and when I've not been able to see friends, music has provided some form of a companion.

Without further ado, I'm going to get onto my top 10 favourite albums of all time, because hey that's what you're here for!

I have compiled these in no order because I don't hold any of them in higher regard to the others - I think they're all fucking fantastic.

1. The Beatles


It was pretty darn hard choosing my favourite Beatles album, but I listened to this one pretty much every Saturday morning during University, and it brings me quite a lot of joy.

2. Julia Jacklin


Julia is an incredible lyricist who pulls me apart.

3. Talking Heads

Speaking In Tongues

Just a brilliant band with a sensational front man. 

4. The Maccabees
Colour It In

This is the soundtrack to my life. I would do my paper round listening to this album, I would cycle to college listening to this album, and now I cycle to work listening to this album.

5. T-Rex

Electric Warrior

Mambo Sun as the opening track and Cosmic Dancer as the one that follows. Go dance to that bitches. 

6. Fleetwood Mac


7. Adrianne Lenker


Big Thief's Adrianne Lenker giving us all the good bits. These A-Sides are beautiful. 

8. Marvin Gaye
In The Groove

Never fails to get me in the groove for a good day.

9. George Harrison

All Things Must Pass

Another classic. It has my 'First Dance' song on this album. Guess which one. 

10. Radiohead
In Rainbows

This was tricky, very tricky. In Rainbows though has always been and will always be the album I'll fall back on forever and ever and ever.

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What was your first gig?

Jack Peñate in Portsmouth with my oldest friend, Lauren, her sister and her boyfriend. I think I was about 15 and I remember pre-drinking a couple of glasses of Vodka and coke before jumping on the train dressed like every other indie kid not knowing what to expect.

From what I remember (thanks Vodka), it was a very sweaty and moshy gig where we spent most of the night scrambling amongst the crowd trying to grab each other's hands so as not to lose each other.

One thing that stays with me and what continues to happen whenever Lauren and I go to a gig is the moment we looked at each other with smiles spread across our faces, from one cheek to the other, feeling truly alive.

What was the last gig you went to?

The last gig I went to was to see The Orielles at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. I was invited by a friend and hadn't heard of the band before, but went along anyhow. The support act Lazarus Kane was fucking hilarious, with an eclectic mix of band members who looked as though their names had been picked out of a hat.

What really got me though, was the very, very, very intense bassist who swung his torso from left to right the entirety of the gig while staring out at no particular person in the crowd- it was mesmerising, to say the least haha.

The Orielles came up next, and they were super sweet and fun to listen to, I particularly enjoyed watching Henry the guitarist bounce about on stage to their best track 'Space Samba'.

What's your favourite festival that you've been too?

Unfortunately, I haven't been to that many. I was hoping to go to End Of The Road this year and Green Man, but evidently that's not happening anymore. So, I've only got a couple to choose from, but my very first festival is one that I look back on with rose-tinted glasses. That's not saying it wasn't a great experience, but over time I've indeed repressed some of the lesser memories taken from that weekend in 2012.

Bestival was a mission to get to and one even harder to get back from, but once you were there, it was like nothing else. The fancy dress theme of the festival made every day an exciting way to reinvent yourself and generally get a bit crafty with your pals. What else sticks out is The Ambient Forest, which on a hot summer's day in September all those years ago still shines quite brightly in my memory.

Some artists that I saw included First Aid Kit, Sigur Ros, The XX and Bat For Lashes. Sadly, I missed Florence and The Machine because my pal was flying a bit too high and I think Florence's voice and flailing about was giving her a bit of a panic attack, so like a good pal I took her back to the tent. 

What is a deceased band or artists you wish you were able to see live?

The Beatles. I would have been one of the screaming fans at the front of the audience, throwing her best bra at John.

What is a new artist or band that would love to see live?

Once gigs are back, I'd love to watch Fontaines D.C on home-soil, kill two birds with one stone, travel and listen to some of their tracks live. I'd also like to see Waxahatchee, Squid, Porridge Radio, Snail Mail…. God the list is endless.  

Thanks for having me Goose Studios, hopefully we can all get together and watch a band sometime soon! 

Chelsea x

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