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The Goose Studios list of the best sustainable men's fashion brands you need to know!

Here at Goose Studios, we make sustainable fashion that doesn't cost the earth. Laid-back styles with minimalist graphics ready for years of love!

We also want to see sustainable clothing become the new normal for fashion. We want to exchange the dirty past of fast fashion with a clean future for the fashion industry, and to do so as fast as possible.

3 years ago, myself and our co-founder Rich founded Goose Studios because sustainable fashion, especially mens sustainable fashion - either didn't exist, was a hemp poncho or totally out of our budget. We wanted to find fashion we'd love, that wouldn't cost the Earth.

3 years on, we're chuffed with what Goose Studios has achieved. But even more exciting is the plethora of sustainable mens fashion brands that are currently popping up all over the world.

The only small new issue is finding all of them required a degree to Criminology to gain the detective skills to search them all out.

Luckily, I do actually have a Criminology degree (welcome to the fashion police), so I put together this list of the best sustainable menswear brands in the world. Whether you're looking for the latest trend, wanting a wardrobe that will last a lifetime, or are more an outdoors lifestyle guy - this list has you covered - along with everything in between.

I've made sure to cover all budgets too, so everyone has the chance to make the choice of going sustainable.

So here it is. The most extensive list of mens sustainable fashion (that you'll actually want to wear) on the web...Enjoy!

Sam, co-founder of Goose Studios

(All images are property and owned by the respective named brands, please contact for all image enquiries)

$ - Affordable 

$$ - Mid Range/Premium

$$$ - High End

1. Finisterre


Outdoors / Laid Back

Black Finisterre Recycled Polyester Jacket Worn By Male Model With Sea Behind Him
Man wearing grey finisterre organic cotton shirt with 5 panel cap and white undershirt in the countryside

Based on the wilds of the Cornish coastline, Finisterre are pioneers in ‘Cold Water Surfing’ gear.

Forget Hawaiian shirts and hula skirts, Finisterre create high quality functional and sustainable clothing designed for an outdoors lifestyle around freezing seas and cosy harbour-side pubs. A B-Corp certified business, Finisterre are guided by their 3 founding commitments, to Product, Environment and People.

Pioneers in FC-Free waterproofs, British Bowmont Merino wool and responsible denim. Alongside swimwear made from recycled fishing nets and a range of GOTS certified organic cotton styles, means Finisterre are an authentic leader in sustainable outdoors lifestyle fashion. To top it off they offer an in-house repair service and a range of accessories made from their left-over fabric!

Expect chunky fisherman knits, stylish insulated jackets, merino base layers and a host of high quality basics for layering. If you’re after a touch of world-leading innovation, check out their True North Range.

2. Goose Studios


Casual / Laid Back

Man wearing organic cotton navy blue organic cotton t-shirt with Goose Studios text logo on left chest and man wearing burgundy organic cotton long sleeve t-shirt with Goose Studios logo, both from sustainable fashion brand Goose Studios
Man wearing organic cotton black oversized hoodie with white large printed logo with Goose Studios text and man wearing black organic cotton short sleeve t-shirt, both on a brick wall background

At Goose Studios we make ‘throw on and smile’ sustainable clothing from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Ours are the kind of tees and sweats that are your go-to for nights out, weekend city-break escapes and Sunday hangovers.You know that favourite sweatshirt you’ll literally wear till it falls apart? Yep, that’s what you’ll find with us.

Easy going styles that are ready for years of love!

With our mission to make fashion that doesn’t cost the Earth, Goose Studios is one of the most affordable sustainable options on the market - without compromising ethics or the environment.

Our core suppliers are Fair Wear foundation members, so you can be safe in the knowledge your new favourite tee has been made by workers treated and paid fairly. Our inks are Soil Association approved, to keep chemicals in check with the land. We've even become PETA-approved Vegan, which guarantees no harm to animals in the production of the range.

Bonus sustainable points come from our plastic free packaging.

Our ranges include minimalist prints on short sleeve and long sleeve tees, super soft hoodies and sweats along with long-lasting basics for your wardrobe essentials. So grab your favourite pair of jeans, choose your favourite Goose Studios style and you’ll be sorted!

3. Armedangels


Casual / Weekend / Office

Man wearing Armedangels sustainable navy jacket with grey organic cotton trousers and white trainers and man wearing olive jacket with light wash denim and black chunky trainers
Man wearing olive green organic cotton chino with navy organic cotton tee and man wearing navy organic chinos and pink striped organic cotton T-Shirt

Armedangels make sustainable, high quality everyday clothes that are made fairly. If your wardrobe isn’t fast-fashion led, but you like to buy the occasional stylish piece to add to your day to day essentials then Armedangels is the perfect partner.

Armedangels are GOTS certified, using Organic Cotton, Organic Linen and Organic Wool, alongside being members of the Fair Wear foundation to improve working conditions for garment workers across the world and of Fair Trade to improve the lives of farmers at the source of raw-materials. They also have a range of PETA-Approved styles too!

For menswear, you should expect to find a wide range of basic tees covering your favourite cuts, along with zipped hoodies, printed sweatshirts, chinos in some lovely subdued colours and even sustainable denim in easy to wear fits. It’s relaxed gear perfect for whatever life throws at you on the weekend.

4. Thinking Mu


Casual / Laid Back

Man wearing white organic cotton t-shirt from Thinking Mu and Man wearing black wool jacket from sustainable brand Thinking Mu
Man wearing soft orange organic cotton cords with a white tee and man wearing petrol blue sweatshirt with chinos

Are you in your late twenties, wanting to make a positive impact in the world and have the kind of style that makes you look effortlessly cool with a little bit of a European vibe? All without ever feeling over/under dressed? Oh, did we mention it’s on the more affordable end too? OK, was that a yes we heard? Great, here’s Thinking Mu. You’re welcome.

Thinking Mu is best described by its stockists list, which is essentially every cool European side street boutique going.

With a happily expansive men’s range, expect to find Merino wool jumpers in block monochromes, organic wool Harringtons in soft Camel, straight leg corduroy trousers, hand embroidered sweatshirts with a touch of activism slogans, amusingly illustrated tees and henley made from recycled cotton from old clothes.

Did we tell you Thinking Mu only use Organic Hemp, Organic Cotton, Organic Cotton Corduroy, Recycled Polyester, Banana Organic, Organic Merino Wool, Organic Cashmere, Eco Vero…and only engage in fair trade projects…have a long term relationship with an Indian manufacturer and source their knits at home in Spain?

Can you tell we're fans?

5. pinqponq



Casual / Laid Back

Man wearing white organic cotton t-shirt from Thinking Mu and Man wearing black wool jacket from sustainable brand Thinking Mu
Man carrying pinqponq sustainable rucksack and holdall in grey and woman wearing rose pink sustainable bumbag

We found out about PinqPong and their bags through our Instagram feed. More so, we noticed their logo. It’s just so satisfyingly fun. They also happen to be so satisfyingly sustainable.

PinqPong make backpacks and bum-bags for your next urban adventure. This is classic duffle rucksack, fixie bike riding territory. The bags themselves are all bigger capacity meaning they’ll be able to handle whatever you throw at them. They’ve thought through all the special pockets you need for macbook, charger, camera, life. They’re really quality bits of kit.

Styling goes more towards ‘urban outdoors’ with black, graphite and earthy tones. It’s not jump-out at you style, it’s more understated. You can take it into work or on a city break to Amsterdam. Versatile and damn cool. Go check.

Sustainable credentials are bang on. A Fair Wear foundation member, bags themselves made from recycled PET plastic bottles, they are also Blue Sign (eliminates environmentally-damaging substances from the production process) and PETA certified (all products without leather elements do not have any animal components).

6. Ecoalf


Casual / Outdoors

Man wearing blue navy organic cotton long sleeve t-shirt and man wearing dark grey organic cotton sweatshirt with slogan print
Man wearing dark navy waterproof recycled polyester coat from eco-brand Ecoalf and man wearing royal blue padded insulated sustainable jacket from Ecoalf

Ecoalf made recycling cool before recycling was cool. Famed for their high-end insulated jackets made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets sourced from the sea, Ecoalf now sits as a designer on the global stage. It’s not cheap, but it’s a brand that ends up on the pages of the best fashion magazines around.

It's sort of Arcteryx's way cooler and more sustainable younger brother.

It’s European styling with a hint of minimalism to it. With, alongside their famed insulated jackets, gilets and sleek performance coats, ranges of oversized organic cotton sweatshirts and tees with de-rigour “no planet B” slogans, recycled wool knitwear in happily thick weaves and a more standard range of solid organic cotton trousers.

Bonus points go to Ecoalf’s trainer/sneaker collections that use up even more plastic bottles and feature an Algae sole. Shout out too for making an eco-friendly Balenciaga sock trainer. Worth checking out.

Ecoalf are also a certified B-Corp (meaning that meet higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability) and have plastic up cycling programmes in Spain and Thailand. So you know they’re one of the good’uns.

7. Nudie Jeans


Casual / Weekend

Man wearing black skinny fit organic cotton jeans from Nudie and man wearing beige recycled polyester sustainable fleece from Nudie Jeans
Woman wearing dark indigo high rise skinny fit organic cotton jeans and man wearing sustainable organic cotton sweatshirt in pink from Nudie Jeans

Nudie jeans are sustainable style pioneers. Since 2012 they’ve been making all their denim styles in organic cotton, they have jean repair facilities in cities across the world, offer free returns for life, and look cool AF. Basically the swathes of high-end sustainable denim brands that are popping up across London, New York and Amsterdam, have a lot to thank Nudie for.

Better still, although not cheap, Nudie offer mens and women’s styles that don’t make you wince at the price of the label. What with those free repairs for life too, it means that Nudie jeans are a reasonable investment in style that can last a lifetime.

Definitely the go-to brand for a slim fit jean, Nudie will become your go-to pair with choices between black, grey and light/dark indigos. Happily, Nudie jeans also make some great shirts, tees and jackets from Organic cottons and recycled polyester. All of course made to work effortlessly well with your favourite pair of Nudie jeans.

The style is northern European understated cool, with a younger vibe that can move towards streetwear or workwear depending how you want to style it.

Happily, Nudie jeans have been a Fair Wear Foundation member since 2009, currently at the membership level of ‘Leader’, producing most of their styles in Italy and Portugal. They’re also one of the front runners in paying the living wage to their Indian and Tunisian suppliers. Add onto that they use GOTS certified organic cotton for their denim and Fairtrade cotton for their cotton jersey products. Even their metal components are transparently produced in Germany.

Nudie, you rock.

Nudie Jeans



Outdoors / Casual

Man wearing Jeckbeng waterproof jacket made in black with water pouring on his head
Man wearing sustainable quarter zip knit and man wearing green organic cotton waxed jacket in the snow

Jeckybeng are a sustainable menswear brand ready to take on the urban outdoors. If you know Finisterre, they’re a bit like their rebellious younger brother. Jeckybeng primarily make an all-seasons jacket made from weatherproof organic cotton using a pfc free finish. It’s a parka style that feels utilitarian and perfect for weekends roaming the countryside.

In addition to the jacket there’s organic cotton printed tees with witty slogans, merino fisherman’s sweats and beanies along with a Novesta sneaker collaboration using their signature organic cotton fabric. It’s outdoorsy stuff with an urban aesthetic, rather than climbing up the north face gear. All natural fibres in earthy tones, but with a bit of an edge about them.

Jeckybeng also commit where possible to local production, meaning facilities in Germany and Poland, with their weatherproof organic cotton coming from Switzerland.

9. allbirds



Casual / Weekend

Man wearing blue wool runners with orange baggy trousers
Man wearing high-cut olive green high-tops from sustainable shoe brand Allbirds

An ex-soccer player and a renewables engineer walk into a bar…sadly not a joke. But what did happen is that one of the most comfortable sustainable shoes on the planet was born. allbirds started out life with their woollen runner, the first in a line of shoes inspired by natural materials and a mantra of creating better things in a better way.

Famed for being the tech start-up footwear of choice, allbirds trainers are as simple in design as possible - it’s less is more here. Athleisure-type styles for the urban streets rather than the gym come in mens and women’s styles in range of understated tones or popping primary colours.

Sustainability comes foremost from their materials, their first woollen trainers use merino wool, while the laces come from recycled bottles. A range of summer shoes with a more mesh like fabric are made from Tencel, a Eucalyptus plant fibre - so there’s no braking up the wrong tree in terms of eco-eco-friendly fibres here. Then there are their flip-flops made from sugarcane. Add onto that allbirds are a B-Corp too (meaning they’re a business that is certified as being one of the good’uns).

10. Hiut



Man wearing Regular fit Hiut denim indigo denim jeans
Man wearing slim fit Hiut denim indigo denim jeans

Sustainable denim with the royal seal of approval. Yes, your highness.

Hiut denim are based in the small town of Cardigan in Wales and aim to do one thing well. That is, make the finest jeans in all the land. So good, even the Duchess of Sussex, aka Rachel Zane from suits, aka Meghan Markle, owns a pair of their ‘The Dina’ skinny fit jeans.

However it's unlikely if you're reading this that you're a female American actress turned British Royal, and the pages of Vogue didn't pay attention to what Prince Harry was wearing that day. Clothes presumably...hopefully.

Anyway, Hiut are restoring a strong jeans heritage in their small town, with each ‘Grandmaster’ making a pair of jeans from start to finish, signing their name in them as a hallmark of an artist finishing their masterpiece.

Their denim is sourced from the finest mills in the world, including a full range of fits in mens styles made from Organic denim. This is serious denim that comes with a serious price tag, but with free repairs for life offered by Hiut, the cost is small for a lifetime of love.

Cuts and aesthetic are perfect for your every-day wardrobe, office and weekend friendly. Styles go all the way from loose to skinny cuts for men. So no matter your size of thigh, grab your Veja’s and go.

11. Pact


Laid Back / Casual

Man wearing navy blue organic cotton t-shirt with olive shorts and man wearing grey long sleeve t-shirt with black drawstring sweatpants
Woman wearing black bralette and briefs with lace trims with woman wearing grey organic cotton zip up hoodie from sustainable brand Pact

Pact have the fab tagline of “no gross stuff”, meaning they make organic cotton essentials without using pesticides and toxic chemicals. This is comfort that comes from super soft fabric and the reassurance of the whole ‘doing the planet less harm’ thing.

The best part is it’s all super affordable! The bad news is if you’re reading this from outside America they don’t ship internationally…yet!

For guys, it’s all about the simple 2-pack undershirts for $25 and 3 for $30 boxers. As well as some heather marl sweatpants and long sleeve slub tees. This is head to toe softness sorted.

Pact also have a great addition to their website, where on every product you can see how much water has been saved by choosing their GOTS organic cotton, alongside many of their products being made in Fair Trade factories.

12. Cosmos Studio


Office / Casual

Man wearing olive green Cosmos Studio sustainable button down collar shirt and woman wearing light blue button down shirt tucked in to grey trousers
Man wearing sustainable indigo blue button down shirt with yellow t-shirt and silver casio watch and woman wearing charcoal grey Cosmos Studio cotton button up shirt untucked on one side from a black skirt

When 20% of the world’s fresh-water pollution comes from textile treatment and dyeing, there needs to be a big shift in innovation to make a cleaner future. Cue, Cosmos Studio.

Cosmos studio make button down unisex cotton shirts that uses 95% less water, produces 95% less waste water and produces 53% less CO2. It works by almost printing the dye onto fibres sticking to their outside, rather than submerging them in various dyes and chemicals to saturate the fibre with dye then needing to wash away all the dye-wash water.

Their shirts are also vegan and made from BCI cotton (Better Cotton Initiative - they have a mix of organic and conventional cotton suppliers that work together to produce fibres), and don’t look half bad! It’s a relaxed light weight shirt perfect for throwing on for summer days and could happily be dressed up too for a more formal look.

13. Kings of Indigo


Laid Back / Casual

Man wearing Kings of Indigo organic cotton french navy sweatshirt with cream jeans and man wearing beige sherpa trousers
Man wearing organic cotton pink t-shirt with japanese print on reverse and man wearing bright green and white striped organic cotton t-shirt

Kings of Indigo has colourful attitude about it. It’s fun, youthful, design-led and super stylish, whilst staying really wearable. It’s pretty much everything you’d expect from an Amsterdam sustainable fashion label that jumped head first in to the scene in 2012.

Clue is in the name, but Kings Of Indigo started out as denim heads and on the mens side if you need a straight legged or slim fit jean in any shade of indigo, it’s safe to say Kings of Indigo have you covered. For women it’s all about the wide leg/slim/skinny fit jean, again, in any shade of indigo your heart could desire.

This is no ordinary denim either, 50% of their range includes some recycled material and they’ve created a fairly extensive range of dry denim, that’s denim made without the need for water or chemicals! The sustainable love-in continues into their casual wear styles.

For guys there are short sleeve and long sleeve striped tees from heavy weight organic cotton in a skater-oversized fit. As well as incredible sherpa fabric trousers made from recycled Polyester, recycled Acrylic, organic cotton and recycled denim. There’s also a good array of bold graphic sweatshirts in seriously heavy weight organic cotton. Unlike the womenswear collection, It would be fair to say that the mens pushes into streetwear territory, or at least is striding through workwear in the direction of streetwear.

Kings of Indigo really are the real deal - they even openly put the names of their key suppliers and manufacturers for the world to see, clearly on their website.

Kings of Indigo

14. Monkee Jeans


Casual / Laid Back

Man wearing black organic cotton chino jeans and man wearing organic cotton oversized navy sweatshirt with Monkee Jeans Logo on left chest
Man wearing wide leg skater fit organic cotton indigo jeans and man wearing zip thru hoodie in grey organic cotton

Monkee jeans have been leading the way with sustainable denim since 2006, focussed on bringing organic cotton denim to a core collection of mens skinny and slim fits with the addition of wider leg skate fits.

A firm believer in Fashion Revolution and having a direct relationship, oversight and responsibility for who and how their products are being made, Monkee Jeans ensure the safety and welfare of their workers and make sure everyone making theirs styles are being paid a living wage.

Added bonus points come from their PETA certification for the vegan seal of approval.

Monkee Jeans style is a laid back, skater and converse or front row of the latest indie gig vibe. Super comfy to wear in and great to wear out for days and nights of fun with friends. Monkee jeans is a little ray of sustainable sunshine in the denim world.

15. Patagonia


Outdoors / Casual

Greg Long wearing Patagonia board shorts crushing a 20ft barrel surfing
Man toasting food on the fire wearing blue Patagonia fleece and sandals

Do they even need an introduction? Patagonia. Pioneers, innovators, leaders. The outdoors brand that believes in a better, more sustainable, more peaceful and more liberal world where man and nature live in harmony. Where the treat of extinction is being acted on with all of the resources one apparel brand has.

The first brand to actively tell you: Don’t buy this jacket.

1% of their sales help hundreds of grassroots organisations all over the world to protect nature, culture and heritage. Patagonia builds the best product possible, products that can be loved, repaired and loved some more, for years to come. They cause no unnecessary harm, they realise their business is part of the problem but they seek to do less harm and more good.

Expect top of the range outdoorsy styles in relaxed fits. You can climb the worlds greatest mountains in this gear but for the more urban style conscious check out their range of insulated jackets and medium weight organic long sleeve tees.

Rep that logo like you’ve never repped a logo before. The world needs to see it, the world needs to see you in it. 


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Woman wearing organic cotton navy blue sweatshirt with Goose Studios text logo on left chest and man wearing burgundy organic cotton long sleeve t-shirt with Goose Studios logo, both from sustainable fashion brand Goose Studios
Woman wearing organic cotton black oversized hoodie with white large printed logo with Goose Studios text and man wearing navy blue organic cotton long sleeve t-shirt with Goose Studios logo, both from sustainable fashion brand Goose Studios