Buy less stuff gif, stating you'll protect your favourite planet, save money and perhaps be happier.

Hey, we’re Sam & Rich, co-founders of Goose Studios. We make organic cotton clothing for nice people.

Nice people just like you.

But what if we told you not to buy our clothes?

To think twice about buying. To look at what you already own.

Right now, we're drowning in the stuff we own.

Our wardrobes are bursting at the seams. Kitchen drawers have become burial grounds for Nokia and Blackberry. The ghosts of Christmas' past are hiding under our beds. Spare rooms have been transformed into personal museums of credit-card fun.

To be fair to us all, we've lived through a multi-decade long programme of stuff-accumulation, branded 'Retail Therapy'.

A daily dose of advertising providing an addictive spike of short-term happiness. Handily brought to us via next day delivery with free returns.

We now know from psychologists that the real therapy we need for happiness is found by jumping off the treadmill of buying more. We lead happier, more fulfilled lives by enjoying what we already own.

Scientists have also made it clear that the climate crisis has been created by those who generated the constant demand for more and is, in part, solved by producing less.

What if the revolutionary solution for a positive future on a stable planet doesn’t come from high-tech multi-billion pound businessmen with side-hustles of flying their egos into space?

What if we all equip ourselves in the fight for a sustainable future with 4 simple words of resistance?

"Do I Need This?"

"Do I Need This?" is a simple question for a complex world that gives you a brief moment of reflection to think twice and choose well.

The opportunity to wonder whether something you already own could be used again instead of buying something new.

A chance to step back and see who you're about to do business with.

“Do I Need This?” leads to a life of products that are cared for, loved and put into regular use.

You’ll save money, avoid the unwanted; even find a little happiness.

If enough of us ask “Do I Need This?”, then together we can change how businesses act.

Instead of focussing on simply conjuring up new products you don’t need, businesses will discover demand for great services offering repairs, alterations and re-working.

They’ll nurture trade-in schemes, refurbish used products and create second-hand markets.

“Do I Need This?” has already started to shape a new blueprint for how we see business at Goose Studios.

Since 2016 we’ve been selling rather nice, very durable, ethically sourced, PETA-approved, 100% organic cotton clothing. We’ve gained a 4.8 star customer rating and thousands of customers.

We’ve used all of those reasons to encourage you to buy right here, right now.

But now we see our role as encouraging you to discover who we are and what we stand for. To offer the guidance and advice you need to buy what's right for you, when it's your right time.

To help you buy less, choose well and love what you own for years of use. We hope that by doing so, we'll build a business that develops organically and grows slowly.

As one day, when you really do need a new t-shirt, or your favourite sweatshirt really is beyond repair, perhaps then you'll think of us.

If we’re being honest, Goose Studios is as an experiment into the unknown.

We don’t know if a business can survive by asking you to buy less and question more.

We don't know if a small business can grow slow in an age where those invested in speed and scale act on a mission to "change the world", no matter whether that means good or bad.

But maybe you too are crazy enough to think that this could all work out. That questioning what came before might lead to the answers of tomorrow.

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Thanks so much for listening - speak soon,

Sam & Rich

Co-Founders of Goose Studios