Good News

1. This style is PETA-approved Vegan, ensuring no animals were used or tested on for ingredients, formulations, or the finished product.

2. This style is made from 100% organic cotton. This promotes farming practices that conserve soil, diversify crops, increase bio-diversity and avoids all synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.

3. The organic cotton grown for this style is watered using rain for about 80% of its water needs. Compared to regular cotton, this saves the equivalent of over 2 years worth of drinking water for one person.

4. Our ethical suppliers are Fair Wear Foundation members with a rating of 'Leader'. This ensures the development of garment worker rights and conditions alongside regular third party auditing.

5. For the past 3 years, every purchase made with Goose Studios protects 5 mature rainforest trees thanks to our partnership with TR1BE and Rainforest Trust.