Our Goose Studios run-down of Sustainable Men's Clothing Brands from the UK!

At Goose Studios, we like to think we know a little bit when it comes to more sustainable men's clothing brands (humble brag), particularly in the UK.

For the past 7 years we've been keeping men sustainable and stylish in some of the softest men's organic cotton t-shirts around - and we've even worked for a couple of the brands in the list below!

The UK has become a nice little hub for well made, sustainable menswear, with London and Cornwall becoming little hubs for men's clothing brands that want to do a little better.

Whether that's Finisterre and their outdoor clothing featuring as a B-Corp business, Pangaia taking over the athleisure world with their men's organic cotton jersey styles or Neem London ensuring sharp sustainable style is available to guys looking to steer their way through a 'smart/casual' dress code.

So if you're looking for organic cotton, recycled cotton and even regenerative cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and trousers. Or are on the hunt for recycled polyester insulated jackets, recycled fleece or recycled cashmere knitwear - then take a browse below.

It's time to discover the best Sustainable Men's Clothing Brands from the UK! 

(All images are property and owned by the respective named brands, please contact info@goosestudios.co.uk for all image enquiries)

$ - Affordable 

$$ - Mid Range/Premium

$$$ - High End

1. Goose Studios

Brighton, England


Essentials / Casual

Man wearing grey striped organic cotton t-shirt from sustainable menswear brand Goose Studios, based in the United Kingdom
Man wearing light pink organic cotton sweatshirt on a beach, made by sustainable menswear brand Goose Studios

Goose Studios make organic goods for daily use. For men, this means super soft organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that you can trust for years and years of use.

Think classic organic tees and sweats in a range of not too loud colours (phew), all in their tried and tested relaxed fit. This is seriously easy to wear menswear.

Based in Brighton on the UK's south coast, Goose Studios hold PETA-Approved Vegan certification, alongside only using recyclable and biodegradable packaging, as well as only working with ethical suppliers who are audited by Fair Wear.

The best part.. the price!

With more sustainable t-shirts under £25, organic sweatshirts under £50 and organic hoodies under £65, this is men's sustainable clothing at a reasonable price.


2. Finisterre

Cornwall, England


Outdoors / Adventure / Casual / Surf / Swim / Hike

Man wearing khaki green British Wool jumper from sustainable men's clothing brand Finisterre based in Cornwall, UK
Man wearing insulated jacket from adventure-ready brand Finisterre

Finisterre were the UK's first outdoor clothing brand to achieve B-Corp certification, meaning this is a men's clothing brand who know how to do business better!

With a founding focus on planet, product and people, Finisterre grew up building hardy gear for cold-water Cornish surfers, but now have expanded into a range of adventure-ready sustainable styles that fit perfectly into any stylish adventurer's casual wardrobe.

From fully recycled highly insulating jackets, to British wool knitwear in lovely mossy colours and hardy workwear shirts and trousers that will see you as stylish in the city as well as the peaks.

Based down in Cornwall in the UK, Finisterre is a sustainable men's clothing brand that is definitely clothing to invest in. More on the premium side, but stands up to the test of time.

Finisterre also pioneered using a mad plastic-like packaging that dissolves into bio-mass - the same stuff that wraps up dishwasher tablets!


3. Sunray Sportswear

Cornwall, England


Essentials / Casual

Red Ochiwata recycled cotton sweatshirt for men made by British menswear brand Sunray Sportswear
Navy blue loopwheel construction men's long sleeved t-shirt made from Ochiwata recycled cotton by menswear clothing brand Sunray Sportswear from Cornwall in the UK

Like Finisterre, Sunray Sportswear was created down in the UK's coastal shores of Cornwall. A wonderful coming together of vintage Japanese manufacture, and laid back surfer style.

Making a small collection of the softest t-shirts and sweatshirts, using traditional loopwheel knitting machines that use gravity tension to slowly knit each tubular body of a garment - taking an hour per metre of fabric, this really is slow fashion!

As a sustainable men's clothing brand, Sunray Sportswear don't shout about their sustainability credentials, but instead let the product do the talking.

Every style is made from Ochiwata cotton, a name the Japanese give to recycled cotton which is sourced from the fluffy tufts left over when you comb cotton - as you can imagine, this makes for a very, very soft fabric.

Added onto that, Sunray Sportswear use recyclable and biodegradable packaging, with the string on their swing-tags coming from rare-breed organic sheep from up the road in Dartmoor.

Sunray Sportswear

4. Paynter

London, England



Man wearing blue denim workwear jacket that's made to last by sustainable menswear brand Paynter
Man wearing grey wool jacket with orange wool jumper from sustainable mens clothing brand Paynter based out of London in the United Kingdom

Paynter make really great jackets in small batches from exceptional fabrics. All sewn in Portugal by family factories who take pride in making only the best, just for you.

Oh, and you can't get them on next day delivery and instead it takes 6-8 weeks to ship.

Sound good?

Well yes, it really is.

As well as often using organic cotton within their ranges of jackets, Paynter - based in East London - make it onto our list of sustainable clothing brands because of their business model.

Fast fashion is based on 10,000 styles for 1,000 trends a year with a buy it, wear it, throw it mentality.

Paynter does the opposite.

You get to pre-order your well thought through, timelessly stylish piece, where every last detail, trim and stitch has been thought through with care.

You then get time to wait for your jacket whilst being updated on its progress of being made.

You see the people who make it, hear the stories that inspired it, and, quite frankly, fall in love with your jacket before it even lands at your door.

Keep an eye out for their Paynter experiments too, where they apply this slowed down mentality to t-shirts, shirts and beyond...


5. The Level Collective

Cornwall, England


Casual / Outdoors

Man wearing organic cotton workwear shirt with corozo nut buttons in Khaki from Cornish based men's sustainable clothing brand The Level Collective in the UKg
Man wearing burgundy organic cotton canvas backpack from men's UK sustainable clothing brand The Level Collective

The Level Collective creates sustainable clothing for men that matches the spirit of adventure, with the reality that for many of us we need clothing to span life in the city and outdoors.

Having been founded in Sheffield in the UK and now located in Cornwall, The Level Collective knows a thing or two about a) British Weather and b) hardy gear.

With a range of hand screen printed organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts for men, as well as workwear overshirts in rip-stop weatherproof organic cotton. You can also find a good range of British wool socks, beanies and jumpers, all knitted in the UK too.

Also excellent are their British made backpacks, constructed from Halley Stevensons waxed organic cotton with Sheffield steel trims, ready for generations of use in the city and the wild.

We also love that the Level Collective use a fulfilment company that works with a social enterprise called Mail Out, who provide training and employment to adults with learning difficulties.

Cracking stuff.


6. Brothers We Stand

London, England



Man wearing khaki green organic cotton sweatshirt from sustainable marketplace for men's clothing, Brothers We Stand
Man wearing green organic cotton cord overshirt sold on the men's sustainable clothing brand marketplace, Brothers We Stand, based in the UK

Ok, so Brother's We Stand aren't fully a clothing brand in their own right, but they are the best destination for discovering sustainable men's clothing in the UK (apart from this blog of course!).

With a focus on featuring menswear brands who align to their mission of discovering men's clothing that can account for the environmental and social impact of their styles, manufacture high quality styles for years of use and are of a timeless style that always keep you looking good no matter the trends.

Featuring favourite sustainable menswear brands such as The Level Collective, Idioma and many more. Covering you for organic trousers and chinos, casual jackets, organic denim, recycled swimwear and much much more.

A proper destination for discovery and nearly all your wardrobe needs.


7. Idioma

London, England



Man wearing turquoise wool jumper from men's uk clothing brand Idioma
Man wearing embroidered organic cotton hoodie from men's sustainable clothing brand Idioma, based in London, United Kingdom

The Idioma world of sustainable men's clothing came from a conversation between their London-based founders to challenge, inspire, and encourage multiculturalism through the subtle designs that adorn their clothing.

With a great range of easy to wear, primarily jersey, organic cotton hoodies, t-shirts and some rather good marled knitwear, the Idioma range is perfect for adding a splash of colour and fun to any man's sustainable wardrobe.

With their wool for knitwear being sourced from Irish donegal wool and the majority of their styles are now made in Portugal, you know the finishing and quality are going to be top notch - as well as accounting for European standards when it comes to labour and employment - as well as reducing those all important clothes miles!

At time of writing, Idioma also have started doing a very nice workwear jacket in a heavier weight cotton twill with Corozo nut buttons to boot.


8. Rapanui

Isle of White, England


Casual / Outdoors

Man wearing navy blue printed organic cotton t-shirt with adventure print from sustainable clothing brand Rapanui
Man wearing organic cotton knitted jumper from UK Men's Sustainable Clothing brand Rapanui

Rapanui, based in the Isle of White in the very South of the UK, champions ethical sourcing and sustainability for men's clothing - ready for a lifetime of adventure.

Rapanui has focussed on creating casual and outdoor-inspired styles that put natural fibres at the forefront of what they do. You can find men's organic cotton canvas jackets with water resistant finishes, alongside men's organic cotton knit jumpers and ridiculously soft flannel shirts.

Rapanui also have a very large range of nature and adventure inspired organic cotton t-shirts, printed with low-waste printing technology and made in an ethical factory powered by solar power.

It’s also all at a really great price too!


9. Wawwa

Manchester, England


Casual / Outdoors

Man wearing organic cotton smock top from sustainable menswear brand wawwa
Man wearing organic cotton sweatshirt in grey marl with khaki organic cotton trousers from sustainable menswear brand wawwa based in Manchester in the UK

Wawwa are pretty damn cool. They've built a fantastic collection of sustainable men's clothing styles that channel a more natural vibe to the gorpcore/outdoor-casual style that's been bubbling up over the past few years.

Inspired by the meeting point between workwear, streetwear, hiking and climbing, Wawwa is based in Manchester in the UK and very much a product of a Northern England landscape where incredible countryside and urban living are often a stones throw from each other.

You can find great relaxed organic cotton trousers for men with a wider leg and bit of a crop, as well as sherpa lined gilets, cuban collar shirts, organic cotton smock tops... and much more!

Pretty much all their styles are made in Manchester with staff being paid a living wage. And they still do a little range of hats and socks that offer a one-to-one scheme where for every one sold, they'll pay for another pair to be made that goes to someone h9omeless or in need.

Nice one Wawwa.


10. Pangaia

London, England


Essentials / Casual

Man wearing burgundy organic cotton and recycled cotton hoodie from sustainable UK men's clothing brand Pangaia
Man wearing black recycled nylon gilet made by London based UK sustainable men's clothing brand Pangaia

Pangaia is a material science company that knows a thing or two about making men's sustainable clothes and damn good marketing!

Pangaia took over the 'athleisure' world during lockdown, with their range of super soft, oversized, and most importantly - branded - jersey range. Every celebrity, change-maker and fashion icon snapped themselves on a sofa wearing a coloured oversized hoodie with obligatory chest text branding.

We'll admit. We thought it was a fad.

But turns out Pangaia really are the real deal, and are the good guys.

They are just crazily good at marketing.

Pangaia, based in London in the UK, make their range from organic cotton, hemp, nettle, regenerative cotton, recycled fibres and are leading the innovation in dyeing from food waste, carbon and natural dyes.

You can discover a range for men of jersey, as well as recycled outerwear, recycled cashmere knitwear, jeans made from hemp and plenty more.

It's pricey yes, but if you're the type of guy to want to buy into the future of sustainability, then Pangaia are a worthy investment.


11. Roma Surfshop

Cornwall, England



Man wearing ecru organic cotton t-shirt with print design by Hands For Feet, created by Cornish surf clothing brand Roma Surfshop
Man wearing black hemp jacket with logo embroidery from Cornish sustainable surf clothing brand Roma Surfshop

Roma Surfshop are making waves down in Cornwall, UK and further afield, with a range of men's sustainable clothes that channel a laid back surfing scene matched with workwear heritage and cracking graphic design.

Roma's founder comes from a background working with Finisterre (see above), so when it comes to sourcing and sustainability, Roma know what they're doing.

With Fair Wear approved suppliers for their men's organic cotton tees, and more recent collaborations with a local Cornish maker to make hemp coach jackets based on vintage designs.

Graphic design is a big part of their brand, with graphic designer Oliver Stafford and sign-writer/illustrator maestro @handsforfeet creating ace graphics.

You'll find everything from men's organic long sleeve tees and hoodies, caps and jackets. 

In doing so you'll be supporting a small business that's stoking the Cornish surf scene once more.


12. Raeburn

London, England


Casual / Outdoors

Man wearing recycled nylon men's jacket in khaki and stone from British men's sustainable clothing brand, Raeburn
Two men wearing upcycled old army jackets with organic cotton sweatshirts beneath in pastel colours made by UK based men's sustainable clothing brand Raeburn

Raeburn are a sustainable men's clothing design studio based in East London in the UK. One of the pioneers, particularly within high-end menswear, of the remake and upcycle movement.

We love the technicality and military inspired aesthetic of Raeburn, who were first known for cutting up old military parachutes and turning them into technical jackets.

These days Raeburn still upcycle old military gear into small collections of remade jackets and trousers, often keeping details like the pockets and original labels within really high-quality, fit to perfection, outerwear.

Raeburn now also have a Standard Issue line, which takes inspiration from the remade pieces and creates a slightly more accessible line of jackets, sweatshirts, trousers, shirts and fleece made from recycled fabrics and organic cotton. It's timeless military inspired style, made with care in Portugal.

Raeburn also do some cracking collaborations with big brands, getting these behemoths to think sustainably when it comes to menswear and often footwear. Collabs have happened with the likes of Vans, Palladium and Porter.


13. Neem

London, England


Casual / Smart

Man smiling wearing navy blue overshirt made from recycled cotton and organic cotton from UK men's sustainable clothing brand Neem
Man wearing navy blue organic cotton and recycled cotton popover shirt from sustainable men's clothing brand Neem, based in the UK

Neem are a good thing for sustainable menswear in the UK. Whilst most sustainable men's clothing goes for a more outdoorsy, relaxed style, Neem has a much smarter and well tailored aesthetic. It brings in a different audience, those who want to appear slightly sharper in their style.

Think smart west london and maybe the south of France sharp.

Neem also has some serious sustainable credentials, working with regenerative, recycled and organic cotton to make soft flannel shirts, popover tops and shirt jackets. They've also got some lovely tonal utility/desert shirts and merino tees.

With biodegradable packaging, life-cycle assessments to offset carbon emissions and third party audited manufacturing - Neem are the real deal.


14. Passenger Clothing

Hampshire, England


Outdoors / Casual

Man wearing orange recycled polyester insulated jacket from UK based sustainable men's clothing brand Passenger clothing
Man in an orange hat wearing recycled cotton corduroy shirt in green from sustainable clothing brand Passenger, based in the UK

If you aspire to a life of adventure and dream of a life in your camper-van exploring hill to coast, then Passenger is a perfect fit for you.

Passenger have been growing quickly in the UK and with that so has their credentials as a sustainable men's clothing brand with a focus on outdoors and outdoor/casual styles.

With a great range of recycled polyester insulated jackets, recycled waterproof jackets and fleeces, as well as organic cotton trousers, recycled cotton cord shirts and a whole load of recycled cotton t-shirts featuring their signature outdoor-inspired prints.

It's all in an easy to wear tonal colour palette that can pretty easily sit in most guy's wardrobes.

It's inspired by Finisterre and Patagonia, and works as a good option to those two if you're looking for some slightly more budget friendly options.

Good stuff from the southern shores of the UK.


15. Wax London

London, England



Man wearing rust red t-shirt from 220gsm organic cotton made by UK men's sustainable clothing brand Wax london
Man wearing zipped recycled cotton blend jacket with black t-shirt by sustainable men's clothing brand Wax London from the United Kingdom

Wax London are a stylish bunch. It hits the spot for any millennial man looking for more sustainable options that will take them from creative office to the pub and back again.

Think organic cotton heavy twill trousers in a tapered, relaxed fit that will look great with your vans, as well as organic patterned shirts in classy patterns (not too bold, not to subtle) and organic cotton t-shirts in tonal colours and a boxy fit that manages to look smart.

It's really, really nice gear this. You can style it to look smart for an evening out, or keep it super casual for lazy Sunday lunches.

I'd say Wax are on their sustainability journey, with more and more of their range being made with more sustainable options.

So check them out and keep an eye on these style maestros. Your wardrobe will thank you later.