Our Goose Studios run-down of brands like Passenger Clothing!

Here at Goose Studios, our focus on organic cotton fabrics and everyday, affordable sustainable style means we’re always keeping an eye on other brands on a similar path who we admire.

Passenger Clothing have become a true staple in Britain and beyond when it comes to clothing inspired by - and ready for - adventure in the great outdoors. With a clothing range across casual and outdoor styles covering menswear and womenswear styles.

If you’re already a fan of Passenger’s clothes that live up to adventure and stand the test of time then here’s our Goose Studios list of similar brands like Passenger who you’ll also love!

Passenger are renowned for focussing on quality, sustainability and price - all with great adventure-inspired graphics across their range.

With the brands like Passenger we’ve researched we’ve been looking for outdoorsy casual styles, lots of organic and recycled cotton, recycled polyester and also transparency of suppliers too.

So if you’re aspiring to life on the road in a camper van to enjoy the travelling like of surf and campfires - and need the wardrobe to match - then read on below for our list of the best brands like Passenger Clothing.

(All images are property and owned by the respective named brands, please contact info@goosestudios.co.uk for all image enquiries)

$ - Affordable 

$$ - Mid Range/Premium

$$$ - High End

1. The Level Collective

Cornwall, England



Outdoors / Casual

Man wearing khaki green organic cotton overshirt from adventure and sustainable brand The Level Collective
Man wearing burgundy adventure rucksack made from waxed cotton canvas from sustainable adventure brand The Level Collective

The Level Collective are another UK brand that make men’s clothing and goods designed for days in the city and weekends in the wild.

With a collection of organic cotton t-shirts and organic cotton sweatshirts printed with adventure-inspired prints. Alongside woven workwear over-shirts, handmade Italian walking boots, cotton canvas backpacks and Sheffield steel pocket knives.

Much like Passenger, The Level Collective aim to lead by example, putting people and planet before profit and focussing on products that last for years rather than just one season.


2. Finisterre

Cornwall, England


Men + Women

Outdoors / Adventure / Casual / Surf / Swim / Hike

Steph Rogers from Finisterre wearing recycled waterproof jacket in the highlands
Man wearing insulated jacket from adventure-ready brand Finisterre

Passenger have definitely taken inspiration from Finisterre, the Cornish sustainable outdoors brand over the past few years.

The UK’s first outdoor clothing brand to be B-Corp certified, Finisterre have a focus on planet, people and product - making responsibly sourced clothing and goods for men and women.

From high-warmth insulated jackets made from recycled polyester inside and out, to their famed hardy knitwear and workwear inspired shirts and trousers ready to take you on your next adventure.

Compared to Passenger, Finisterre is on the slightly more premium side - but they do also have a second-hand site where you can pick up refurbished waterproof jackets often only a few years old, with plenty of years left in them.

Well worth checking out are Finisterre’s Merino base layers and underwear - supremely comfortable across all 4 seasons and perfect for every outdoor adventure.


3. Patagonia

California, United States


Men + Women

Outdoors / Adventure / Casual / Surf / Swim / Ski / Snowboard / Climb / Hike

Man wearing black recycled insulated jacket from sustainable outdoor brand Patagonia
Woman wearing soft red printed t-shirt from sustainable clothing brand Patagonia

For any respectable outdoorsy clothing company, Patagonia will always be brand to look up to - for Passenger this is no different.

With a focus on designing styles that truly perform across the outdoor tasks they’re made for; Patagonia are the bees knees when it comes to performance, utility and sustainability.

Whether you’re looking for a ski-jacket made from recycled materials, a t-shirt made from regenerative organic cotton, or a wetsuit made from natural rubber Yulex - Patagonia are still the go-to as innovative trailblazers.

With a huge range of men’s and women’s outdoor gear, outdoorsy casual styles and accessories, you know that when you shop with Patagonia you’re passing money onto good people.

They even sued Donald Trump and made planet earth a shareholder.

We love 'em.


4. Tentree

Vancouver, Canada


Women + Men

Casual / Outdoors

Woman wearing a light blue recycled insulated jacket from sustainable outdoor lifestyle brand Tentree
Man wearing khaki green printed organic cotton hoodie from adventure ready brand Tentree

Tentree are like a slightly more casual, little bit more minimalist version of Passenger Clothing.

With a range full of super soft organic cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts with discreet adventure-inspired embroidery and prints. Alongside a good range of outerwear and trousers spanning womenswear and menswear, that will happily see you through adventures that stay on the slightly more urban side of wild.

If your life involves city life in the week, and racing to your nearest bit of green space at the weekend, then Tentree may well be your perfect partner in crime.

There’s a little bit of a more well-fitting surfer style to their styles that cover menswear and womenswear.

As the name suggests, Tentree are also in the business of planting 10 trees for every purchase you make with them - and in doing so have become a Climate Neutral certified business (and also a B-Corp!). At time of writing Tentree have planted 80 million, which really is quite a lot.

Nice range of caps and hats from Tentree too!


5. Idioma

London, England




Man wearing organic cotton hoodie with embroidered design from sustainable clothing brand Idioma
Man wearing knitted jumper in turquoise from Scottish wool and made in Portugal by sustainable brand Idioma

Passenger clothing are loved for their graphics inspired by travel and a focus on more sustainable, lower impact materials.Idioma do just the same!

With a range of unisex organic cotton jersey styles, Idioma channel a love for world languages into their prints. Aiming to challenge, inspire, and encourage multiculturalism through the clothing you wear.

We’ve watched Idioma grow and mature over the past 10+ years and have loved seeing them stay true to their beautiful, colourful screen prints and recently expand their range to even-softer t-shirt, sweatshirts, knitwear and hats, being made in Portugal and Scotland as well as their classic t-shirts made in India.

If you’re off on your travels and looking for some hardy, comfy styles that echo your approach to openly exploring cultures and lives of others - then Idioma is a great brand to check out.


6. Fjällräven

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden


Women + Men

Outdoors / Adventure / Hiking / Ski

Man wearing recycled, waterproof and insulated jacket in the snow from sustainable outdoor brand Fjällräven
Woman wearing dark blue insulated and waterproof parka jacket in the snow from sustainable outdoors brand Fjällräven

You’ll know of Fjällräven off of their Kanken bags that seemed to spring up on the shoulders of every ‘adventure-inspired urbanite’ in Western Europe in the past few years.

Lesser known then, is that Fjällräven are mighty serious about getting you into the outdoors on proper adventures where stable wi-fi is rarer than finding a rural bothy for the night.

Very much a product of Sweden, Fjällräven, in true Swedish style, focus on simplicity and practicality of product whilst respecting the environment they come from. That focus on product and planet ring very true when thinking of Passenger Clothing too.

With outdoor styles across men’s and women’s, expect to find thick insulated jackets made from recycled synthetics, ready for hiking, skiing and life outdoors in the cold. As well as hiking trousers made from organic cotton/poly blends.

All Fjällräven products are well-thought through with the pockets you need - and the without the pockets you don’t - as well as plenty of two-way zips and fits built to actually move in.

This is serious gear with a price-tag to match it, however just like Passenger, this is outdoor gear made for a lifetime of use.

Wear it lots, repair it often, and you’ll have styles that make memories wherever you wear them.


7. Meander

Edinburgh, Scotland


Men + Women

Casual / Outdoors

Woman on a scottish beach wearing navy blue organic cotton hoodie from sustainable outdoor brand Meander
Man wearing technical outdoor jacket in orange from sustainable outdoor brand Meader Scotland

We discovered Meander on a weekend to Edinburgh in Scotland, and this Scottish clothing brand are busy making sustainable, technical clothing for your everyday adventures.It pretty much instantly made us think of Passenger Clothing!

In comparison, Meander are new kids on the block with a smaller range of technical styles for women and men - and are on their journey to increasing sustainability throughout their range.

With recycled poly/cashmere blend t-shirts, water-repellant adventure trousers (that wouldn’t look out of place at a casual Edinburgh bar after you’ve climbed Arthur’s Seat) and recycled polyester parkas.

Meander are much more restrained in colours and prints than Passenger Clothing, so if something a little more pared back is your cup of tea, Meander could be well worth checking out.

Much like Passenger, Meander make sure their business further positively impacts the world around around them through offsetting their carbon emissions by planting trees in Scottish woodland and contributing 1% of their annual sales to 1% For The Planet.


8. Rapanui

Isle of White, England


Women + Men

Casual / Outdoors

Man wearing navy blue printed organic cotton t-shirt with adventure print from sustainable clothing brand Rapanui
Woman wearing organic cotton t-shirt in white with plant print from sustainable clothing brand Rapanui

Rapanui and Passenger grew up as brands at the same kind of time, championing sustainability and ethical sourcing for clothing ready for lifetime of adventures. Both finding a happy audience of beach-lovers, hill-hikers and VW camper van driving enthusiasts across the UK.

From the beaches of Wittering, to the hikes of the Peak District, to the lay-bys in the highlands, where Passenger goes, so does Rapanui. Their adventure inspired prints being easily recognisable and invoking the ‘nod of appreciation’ as you wander past fellow outdoor-lovers.

If we were to split the difference these days, whilst Passenger clothing has grown on its performance outerwear from technical fabrics, Rapanui has instead focused on using natural fibres across its outerwear and casual styles.

Featuring a large range for women and men, expect to find organic cotton canvas jackets with PFC-free finishes, chunky knit jumpers in pure organic cotton and mid-weight organic sweatshirts printed with low-waste printing techniques and made in an ethical factory powered by solar power.

It’s also all at a really great price too!


9. Silverstick

Lewes, England


Men + Women


Man wearing green organic cotton sweatshirt from sustainable outdoor clothing brand Silverstick
Woman wearing white organic cotton t-shirt with adventure print from outdoor clothing brand Silverstick

If you like Passenger Clothing, and you’ve checked out Rapanui, and have taken a fancy to The Level Collective - then it’s time to also to see what the Sussex residents, Silverstick, are serving up.

You’ve guessed it, great quality organic cotton clothing for men and women, built for those who prefer to be in natural habitats, featuring prints inspired by those very same environments.

Silverstick’s illustrations for their prints lean into collaborations with artists with a passion for the wild, at the time of writing this has also meant that 10% of their sales are donated to a grassroots environmental conservation organisation focusing on rewinding Britain.

Alongside plush organic cotton sweatshirts and super soft tees, Silverstick also create British made socks and beanies - and even wooden bellyboards… yew!


10. Mollusk Surf Shop

California, United States


Men + Women

Casual / Outdoors / Surf / Swim

Man carrying two surfboards wearing organic cotton t-shirt from surf-inspired outdoor sustainable brand Mollusk Surf
Woman wearing cosy fleece in ecru and mustard t-shirt from surf-inspired California brand Mollusk Surf Shop

If Passenger clothing are a product of adventure inspired by travels in the UK, Mollusk Surf Shop are their Californian cousin.

When you’re ready to reach for the factor-50 suncream and dig out your boardies, it’s time to check out Mollusk Surf Shop.

We absolute love Mollusk.

It’s a super laid back range of organic cotton and hemp t-shirts made in the USA, organic cotton flannel shirts, cotton/linen dresses, cotton canvas trousers - often with really subtle tonal prints inspired by the golden glow of west-coast living.

Everything hits the mark for making the most of long summer days shared with friends.

Recently they’ve also expanded their surf range to include limestone-based wetsuits - and a cracking range of surfboards too…

Surf’s up!


11. Roma Surfshop

Cornwall, England


Men + Unisex


Man wearing ecru organic cotton t-shirt with print design by Hands For Feet, created by Cornish surf clothing brand Roma Surfshop
Man wearing black hemp jacket with logo embroidery from Cornish sustainable surf clothing brand Roma Surfshop

Our pals at Roma Surshop are making waves down in Cornwall and further afield.

Founded by Rob (a longstanding member of the Finisterre team) with a focus on collaborating with Cornwall’s exceptional surfboard shaping talent to create custom Roma board shapes.

Roma have also got into the apparel scene, collaborating with ex-Deus graphic designer Oliver Stafford, and sign-writer/illustrator maestro @handsforfeet to create a set of logo-graphics adorning organic cotton t-shirts, classic 5 panel caps, hemp denim jackets and up cycled vintage coach jackets.

We’re loving what Roma are up to, pushing a much-needed post-punk surf aesthetic with their apparel and putting on some class gigs and pop-ups down in Cornwall.

Be one of the first to know and go check out Roma Surfshop…


12. Goose Studios

Brighton, England


Men + Women


Man wearing dusty pink organic cotton sweatshirt from sustainable clothing brand Goose Studios
Emma Appleton wearing white organic cotton t-shirt from sustainable clothing brand Goose Studios

Seeing as we’ve written this article, it’s author’s honours for a spot of self-promotion!

Whilst Goose Studios might not have the technical outdoors kudos of Passenger clothing, our co-founder is Ex-Finisterre and Goose Studios’ focus on high-quality, super soft organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies have seen us share a customer base of adventure lovers across womenswear and menswear.

So if you’re looking for some hardy organic cotton jersey styles to put under your Passenger insulated jacket - or even a t-shirt to throw on under your favourite knit - we’ve got you.

Though we say so ourselves, Goose Studios is also really rather well priced!