Owner of vintage boutique Eliza  Likes and Goose Studios' first ever model, Eliza counts down her 10 best albums. Sit back and settle into a fab mix of Bowie, Laura Marling and Jungle and more...

Hi all, Rich here. This is the penultimate instalment of our current run of our collaborative Ten of the Best series. We will be the first to admit that this once monthly instalment has dragged it’s heels a little bit over the last 9 months but, like a fine wine, these playlists mature with age and Eliza’s is no different!

Eliza is actually one of my girlfriend’s (shout out Tess!) best mates from their time t’up North, studying Theatre and Performance together at the University of Leeds. After University, Eliza came a bit of a regular down in Brighton when Tess and I were living by the seaside and very kindly took a turn in front of the camera on one of our very first shoots…

Consequently, she has not only become one of our favourite dancing partners, Eliza has also started Eliza Likes – a vintage boutique on both ASOS Marketplace and Depop, sourcing some of the damn coolest stuff you’ll find around.

Enough of my ramblings though and over to Eliza to talk us through her ’10 of the Best’…

Eliza Likes wearing a Goose Studios organic cotton t-shirt

Eliza modelling for Goose back in 2016! Featuring a disco dancing goose as the logo. Amazing.

"When my lovely friends at Goose Studios asked me to compile a list of my favourite albums my first thought was ‘is this the closest I will ever get to being on Desert Island Discs…?’ A radio show that I have heard practically every Sunday since 1992.

My second thought to the Goose’s request was, ‘this is not the task for someone as indecisive as me.’ On average, it takes me forty-five minutes to choose a film to watch on Netflix and fifteen minutes to decide on a coffee order at Pret. I was in a plant shop last weekend and a queue of nine people had formed outside by the time I had deliberated which succulent to buy. I find it hard enough to choose what flavour of ice cream I want, so deciding my ten favourite albums of all time was going to be no mean feat…

Chaotic indie gigs are where I met most of my best friends growing up. My older brother works in the music industry as a lighting designer. My younger brother is a massive record collector with Mastermind worthy knowledge about The Beatles. My best friend works for an independent record label and my parents have been to some ludicrously iconic gigs in their time, from The Sex Pistols to Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five.

It’s safe to say music has shaped my life since day one. Hundreds of albums have been important to me over the years but these ten are extra special (and yes, it was incredibly difficult to resist the urge to put The Spice Girls on this list…)

David Bowie 'Hunky Dory' album cover

david bowie

Hunky Dory

Bowie was always going to be up there. In fact, he should probably top everyone’s music collection. When I hear Hunky Dory I think of Sunday dinner at my parents’ house. Everyone has overdone it on the food, I’ve had far too many glasses of wine and Bowie gets turned up on the record player. If I ever do make it to the real Desert Island Discs then Oh! You Pretty Things will definitely be one of my chosen tracks.

arctic monkeys

Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Closely following Bowie, Arctic Monkeys were constantly on the CD player when I was growing up. Mardy Bum used to be the most played song on my iPod shuffle back in 2006. I’d listen to it back to back on my walk to the school bus. I even based my A Level English essay on the lyrics to Riot Van. My Dad is from Sheffield and every car journey up north as a kid involved Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not playing at full volume. In 2018 I saw the band play a one off gig at The Royal Albert Hall and I definitely cried… It’s not everyday you get to hear Alex Turner sing about Montagues or Capulets from those infamous red velvet seats.

Arctic Monkeys 'whatever people say i am that's what i'm not' album cover
Foals 'total life forever' album cover


Total Life Forever

I used to spend hours scouring through the internet to find obscure, alternative songs to use on Myspace profile. My fourteen year old self thought this was the height of cool… I remember Cassius by Foals being a choice I was especially proud of as it took centre stage on my profile for a good few weeks. Watching Foals play Glastonbury last year still took me back to the days of MSN, kohl eyeliner and flip phones. House parties with unidentifiable drinks and ludicrously backcombed hair. They are that band that make me feel like I’m fifteen again, spending my Friday nights running wild at gigs, drinking questionable liquor stolen from the back of the kitchen cupboard. Total Life Forever takes me right back to the happy chaos of my teenage youth.

laura marling

Alas, I Cannot Swim

Laura Marling also conjures the same nostalgia of teenage youth. I remember first hearing her songs on my friends iPod. We were sat in a very rainy bus stop piecing together the misbehaviours of the weekend. Alas I cannot Swim, came out when I was in those complicated teenage years. Many dog walks were spent listening to her lyrics, trying to muddle through my own emotions. If I ever feel a little lost, hers are the songs I turn to first.

Laura Marling 'alas i cannot swim' album cover
The Japanese House 'good at falling' album cover

The japanese house

Good At Falling

For some magical reason my birthday always seems to fall at the same time as a Japanese House gig. I think I’ve now spent a total of three birthdays holding a pint in a paper cup listening to the dreamy vocals of Amber Bain. Her gigs are always so beautiful, like I’m falling out of real life and into an ethereal fantasy. 

Tame Impala


Equally, intoxicating sounds come from Currents by Tame Impala. At the end of the year, when Spotify loves spam you with statistics of what songs you play the most, Tame Impala always tops my list. I think it’s because I’m never not in the mood for those psychedelic melodies. They always work. Day, night, rain or shine. Currents will forever be one of my favourite records; it’s like wandering through a daydream. 

Tame Impala 'currents' album cover
Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment 'Surf' album cover

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment


Surf is another album that accompanies my daily routine. I remember the moment I downloaded it, I was living in Australia and a friend back home sent it to me. I loved the collaboration of genres. It set the mood for those hot evenings walking through the humid streets of Brisbane, carefree and content. Sunday Candy is a track that makes me particularly happy. I’m one of those musical theatre fanatics so it’s a little nod to Broadway without going full on jazz hands.


C'est Chic

Dancing is my favourite past time. If you ever lose me at a festival then I guarantee you’ll find me in one of those hidden disco tents, probably in a jumpsuit and almost definitely dancing to Le Freak. If it’s the ‘Good Times’ that you’re looking for, then look no further… Chic, Jungle and Jamiroquai are my go to albums for joy.

I’ve seen Chic a couple of times and I think on both occasions I injured myself with overenthusiastic shimmying. The minute any of the songs from C’est Chic start, I seem to think I’m in the Strictly final, dancing for my trophy…

Chic 'c'est chic' album cover
Jamiroquai 'The Return of the Space Cowboy' album cover


The Return of the Space Cowboy

...Similarly, The Return of the Space Cowboy has sound tracked almost all of my summers on this earth. The mixture of funk, jazz and disco is the dream cocktail. It never fails to make me smile and always leads me to overdo it on the Sangria…



...I’ve probably seen Jungle play live more than any other band, everywhere from The Natural History Museum to Alexandra Palace. There’s something so feel-good about their gigs. It’s a euphoria I’d like to bottle up and dish out on special occasions.

Jungle 'Jungle' Album Cover

In truth, there are probably a thousand records that I regard as the best and it would be rude not to give honourable mentions to the ones who got away… The Cure, Frank Ocean, Amy Winehouse and Stevie Wonder all put up an excellent fight. I didn’t even touch on the fact that Christmas songs are my guilty pleasure. If Goose Studios are ever looking for a festive edition of this blog, then they know who to call…

Music has signposted all the most significant moments of my life. Brother by Matt Corby is the first aeroplane I took when I went travelling. Coffee and TV by Blur is sitting in my Dad’s car on the way to swimming practice. Pulp, Disco 2000 is the day I passed my driving test. If You Got The Money by Jamie T is drinking far too much for the very first time. Gorillaz, Humility is my lockdown days and Celeste, Stop This Flame is my lockdown nights. In the words of Rihanna, ‘please don't stop the music’…

See you at a gig sometime, Eliza x

Quick Fire Round

What was your first gig?

The Maccabees at the Cambridge Junction. Following that gig, I definitely purchased some brogues and attempted to learn the guitar, convinced it was the way to meet Orlando Weeks…

What was the last gig you went too?

Easy Life at Electric Brixton. Those boys put on an excellent live show. I can safely say a trumpet makes every gig 99% better. 

What is your favourite festival you have been too?

The Secret Garden Party holds a very special place in my heart. I went almost every year since I was seventeen and it was pure magic. Last year was my first Glastonbury and I’ve concluded that it should be the law everyone attends once in their lifetime. It must be the best place on Earth. Find me front row for Diana Ross in 2021!*

* Rich: "Make that 2022… Maybe certain things haven’t aged well. Like the idea that the pandemic would have been over by Glastonbury 2022!"

What is the one deceased artist or band you wish you were able to see?

Prince. No explanation needed. 

Name one new artist or band you would love to see live? 

I would love to see Arlo Parks. I’ve listened to her so much during lockdown earlier this year; it’s the most beautifully honest music. We all know I will definitely cry at that gig…

Thanks Eliza, you're the best!

Rich x