Woman wearing black short sleeve organic cotton t-shirt with crewneck

Women's Attenborough Organic Cotton T-Shirt - Black

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Much like its namesake, this is a classic that's trying to save the world. It's a softy at heart but tough as nails and seemingly lasts forever.

Unlike big Dave, it comes without the wrinkles.

We've kept things simple here. A relaxed fit short-sleeve crew-neck t-shirt made from super soft combed organic cotton in our 'perfect for summer' fabric.

Light enough in weight to still feel that summer breeze and strong enough for years of love.

Find your fave pair of jeans, dig out some Veja's, throw on this tee - and smile...because it's summer! Yay!


This organic cotton T-Shirt was manufactured in Bangladesh. At one of the following 4 Fair Wear Foundation audited factories used by our supplier, Stanley/Stella:

- Ahsan Composite, Bangladesh

- Interstoff Apparels, Bangladesh

- DIRD Composite Textile, Bangladesh

- Aus Bangla, Bangladesh

Stanley/Stella are leaders in wholesale and bespoke garment manufacturing and have a 'Leader' rating with the Fair Wear Foundation.

Finished in Cornwall, UK by the Goose Studios team.


Unisex fit - Our classic fit tee that sits off the shoulders with room to wiggle in. It's longer in the body than your average tee to get a clean look when tucked into jeans.

From past customer reviews, if you're inbetween sizes, or prefer a closer fit, then take the size down as the length will still be all good.

We've seen some brands describe this fit as 'Boyfriend Fit', which sounds stupid. So we describe it as 'Smash The Patriarchy Fit'.

Wear it with pride. Go do something amazing in it. Stand up for what you believe in wearing it. Smash something up in it.



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Size 18-20



  1. Only wash if it needs it - Cheeky sniff test all the way!

  2. Wash inside out on a 30'c wash to keep our planet cool.

  3. Where possible, air dry - if you do have to tumble dry DW all our organic cotton is preshrunk so it'll come out as good as new.

  4. Do the flatten out and a little re-shape deal after each wash, just like your Mum would.

  5. Wear it lots and lots.

  6. Love it and it will love you.

1. This style is PETA-approved Vegan, ensuring no animals were used or tested on for ingredients, formulations, or the finished product.

2. This style is made from 100% organic cotton. This promotes farming practices that conserve soil, diversify crops, increase bio-diversity and avoids all synthetic pesticides and fertilisers.

3. The organic cotton grown for this style is watered using rain for about 80% of its water needs. Compared to regular cotton, this saves the equivalent of over 2 years worth of drinking water for one person.

4. Our ethical suppliers are Fair Wear Foundation members with a rating of 'Leader'. This ensures the development of garment worker rights and conditions alongside regular third party auditing.

5. For the past 3 years, every purchase made with Goose Studios protects 5 mature rainforest trees thanks to our partnership with TR1BE and Rainforest Trust.

1. Non-renewable energy powers the transport for this style from Asia to the UK. Unsurprisingly both air and sea freight are fairly terrible for emissions.

Any advice on how to reduce our impact from transport would be amazing! Email us at info@goosestudios.co.uk

2. The washing instructions label is recycled polyester. Which is better than normal polyester, but still polyester. Classic good cop/bad cop scenario.

Only there's another organic cotton cop in the mix being like, 'you should just use organic cotton'. That cop has a point.

3. The factories making this style pay at least the minimum wage and offer considerable employee benefits - but don't yet all pay the living wage.

The Fair Wear Foundation are working with our suppliers to constantly improve this situation.

Why choose us?

1. You're Supporting Better Business

We're not in this to make a shed-tonne of cash. We have no investors to answer to. We believe the biggest shareholders for any business should be the planet and their customers.

Our margins are small and our hearts are big.

Maybe this sounds all high and mighty but we honestly believe that for sustainability to work, we all must be able to afford to make sustainable choices.

We just try to make great organic styles at a reasonable price, hope to make you smile, and cross our fingers that it all works out! 🤞

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2. Good Times, Organically Sourced

This is the mantra we live by ☝️. It means we reckon the best things in life keep both us and our planet smiling.

All our styles are made in certified 100% organic cotton, by factories held to the highest ethical criteria. And our packaging is 100% plastic free and recyclable at the curb-side.

Because why would any company choose to do it differently?

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Very impressed by the quality of these t-shirts - I feel they will serve me well for a long time. Also the service receive from the company was top notch, as I had to exchange sizes, which was dealt with super quick and in a very friendly manner!

Alex E.

Wearing the jumper as I write this review. It’s exactly what I was after, a simple and timeless style with interesting accents. It doesn’t call attention to itself but it’s far from boring. It feels high quality and it’s a great feeling to know it’s organic cotton and that there’s no needless, destructive packaging included.

Jadon H.